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Welcome to the LECOM School of Pharmacy Center for Drug Information and Research (CDIR).

The CDIR’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients with independent research, analysis and evidence-based responses to drug information requests. The focus of the CDIR is the rapid dissemination of balanced, accurate and most up to date information.

The Center is free from any real or potential economic conflicts of interest that allows for independent and critical analysis of current literature to answer questions facing health professionals and the public. The LECOM CDIR service is available free of charge to individual healthcare professionals affiliated with LECOM, the School of Pharmacy and the School of Dental Medicine.


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One important way in which we achieve our objective is by publishing our monthly newsletter, LECOM Point. Published by our team of pharmacy faculty and students, the Point contains reports on new drugs and reviews on older ones with accompanying analysis and commentary.


Click here to see the latest issue of the Center for Drug Information and Research Newsletter, the LECOM Point, .


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