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Faculty Profile

Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, Ph.D.

Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez

Adjunct Professor of Health Services Administration, School of Health Services Administration

  • Teaching Area

    Healthcare Administration

  • Education

    Postdoc (Neurocardiology, Psychocardiology) – Florida State University, Tallahassee FL; PhD (Exercise & Cardiovascular Physiology) – Florida State University, Tallahassee FL; MD – Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Pre-medicine (Biology & Chemistry) – University of Puerto Rico, Humacao, PR

  • Campus Location

    4800 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Bradenton, Florida 34211


Dr. Sanchez-Gonzalez is currently a graduate medical education administrator as well as the Director of the Clinical Research and Continuing Medical Education programs at Larkin Community Hospital (LCH) System, which is one of the largest teaching hospitals for Osteopathic Physicians in the nation. He has developed a program aimed at educating Medical Residents in research as part of their graduate medical education experience while mentoring over 300 residents in over 30 different specialties. He leads a group responsible of conceptualizing, designing, performing and publishing scholarly work with a yearly productivity of over 175 scientific abstracts, papers and presentations.

Dr. Sanchez-Gonzalez has over 10 years of teaching experience in academic institutions at different levels including pre-medical, graduate, medical, and post graduate medical education. This has allowed him to obtain an insightful understanding of healthcare and medical education throughout the training continuum. He has also conducted research, in both Universities and Hospital settings, on areas revolving quality improvement, patients’ outcomes, and physician burnout among others. In addition, he has trained Postdoctoral Fellows and graduate students in their research projects, theses and dissertations.

As an Investigator Dr. Sanchez-Gonzalez is a Junior Investigator part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Minority Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (PRIDE-CGE) and grant reviewer. He has interest in Behavioral Cardiovascular Medicine with the overarching goal of understanding how psychological status and effective/psychiatric risk factors influence cardiac autonomic and hemodynamic modulation. A secondary research interest of his is to develop comprehensive interventions based on the integration of pharmacotherapy, exercise training, and behavioral treatments intended to ameliorate cardiovascular and psychological risks factors in clinical populations.