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Work-Life Balance

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Within medicine today, there is a lot of conversation about burn-out. In fact, burn-out has become such an important topic that experts believe that it is now impacting the quality of medical care delivered in this country. Health care professionals – physicians, pharmacists, dentists and others – who experience burnout often mention that they have no work-life balance in their lives.

Recently, Jeff Haden wrote about this issue on Inc. He pointed out that the problem is not so much the quantity of hours we spend working and living; rather, it is the quality of the time spent that determines the experience we have in our work and in our life.

Haden recommends that we should focus on what we are doing in the time that we have available to us. For many, work takes care of itself. There are many tasks to complete in the course of a day and by-and-large, it is easy to engage fully in those tasks. But when it comes time to relax or play, we often do not fully engage in our leisure activities. Haden suggests not to watch your kids play; rather, play with them. When you go to the gym, don’t slog through a work-out, knock out a difficult work-out.

When I advise my LECOM School of Pharmacy students on time management, I leave them with this thought – eat when you eat, sleep when you sleep, play when you play, study when you study and actively engage in the classroom when you are in class. This is the secret to achieving work-life balance.  To learn more, visit:

Written by Hershey Bell, MD, MSMed, FAAFP Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, LECOM School of Pharmacy