Laboratory of Experimental Myology and Osteopathic Research

The goals of the Laboratory of Experimental Myology and Osteopathic Research at Lecom are twofold: The first aspect of our research assesses the effects of nerve damage (axotomy and compression) on muscle function, biochemistry and morphology. This approach uses the rat sciatic nerve model, and has gone on to assess the possible ameliorative effects of antioxidant, exercise and osteopathic manipulative therapies.

The second facet of our lab’s research is focused on understanding the effect of the intracellular milieu on the contractile force and calcium-sensitivity and other functional parameters of striated muscle (both skeletal and cardiac). More specifically, the goal is to understand the mechanism(s) involved in the alteration of contractility by fatigue metabolites such as inorganic phosphate (Pi) and hydrogen ions (H+), both of which decrease force generation and calcium-sensitivity of striated muscle.