Pharmacy Preceptor Training

Pharmacy Preceptor Training

Dear Preceptor,

We ask that you please log into the Preceptor Training and Resource Network by “The Pharmacist’s Letter” to complete 2-3 short, recorded orientation presentations regarding our program. A presentation regarding general policies and procedures is recommended for all preceptors. Additional training is also available specifically for IPPE and/or APPE rotation experiences. At the bottom of this page you will find a copy of the outlines for each presentation for your reference. You may also find a copy of both rotation manuals on this website for your convenience.
Thank you for being a LECOM preceptor! Please contact us at any time with questions.

Warmest Regards,

Doug Smith, Pharm.D., B.C.O.P.
Director, Office of Experiential Education- Erie, PA Campus

Kimberly Stultz, Pharm.D.
Director, Office of Experiential Education- Bradenton, FL campus

Preceptors will need the following training information:

Instructions for Accessing Preceptor Training

General Orientation for Pharmacy Preceptors

APPE Training

APPE Preceptor Training Bradenton

APPE Preceptor Training Erie


IPPE Preceptor Training Bradenton

IPPE Preceptor Training Erie

Training & Resource Networks:

Erie — ERIE Pharmacist’s Preceptor Training & Resource Network

Bradenton — BRADENTON Pharmacist’s Preceptor Training & Resource Network