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Our Digital Backbone: LECOM IT Department

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

LECOM’s IT Department provides students, faculty, and staff with consistency during uncertain times.

Transferring on-campus classes into online education is not an easy task, but LECOM’s Information Technology department was up to the challenge.  Our IT professionals followed a specially-designed “Disaster Recovery Plan” to keep our school running in the wake of a disaster.  From hurricanes in Florida to snowstorms in the northeast, our IT department was ready for anything nature had to offer – even COVID-19.

Nearly a decade in the making, the IT Disaster Response plan has helped our school survive hurricanes, snowstorms, and even mock emergencies – and emerged stronger each time.  Their intent was to implement a plan with the capabilities of maintaining “business as usual” operations should students and faculty were unable to physically come to campus.  In early March, even before cases had been confirmed in the United States, faculty and staff were instructed by our IT department to ensure all their course materials were uploaded for the remainder of the term.  Additionally, IT helped our faculty gain access to internal files, so they could continue teaching our students from home.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) sessions, integral to our medical and dental programs, continue unabated.  Exams have continued to run on a regular schedule, and nearly a thousand students will earn their degrees upon the completion of this spring term.  “In all the planning our top priorities were student success and fulfilling the institutional mission, not matter the obstacle,” says Randy J. Harris, Institutional Director of Information Technology.  Here at LECOM, we have a department of knowledgeable and proactive IT professionals who were working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we could be “business as usual” in the wake of any disaster.  They remain ready to help our faculty, staff, and students at a moment’s notice.