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No Rotations? No Problem.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Our third and fourth-year students are still keeping their clinical skills sharp with our online modules.

For a few years, our third and fourth-year students have had access to a myriad of resources through our student portal to supplement their experience while on rotations.  With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and subsequent cancellations of rotations, our online clinical education has kicked into overdrive to fill in the gap.  Dr. Travis Smith (@RosenelliEM), our Regional Dean at LECOM Bradenton and Director of the Clinical Clerkship Curriculum, crafted a comprehensive curriculum in place of rotations to keep our students on track.  Here are just a few of the things that he and his team have done:

Morning Report:

Three times a week, students are sent an email with information and links to prime their studying.  Most important among these is a fact of the day and board question along with links to the many educational activities and updates. They are also provided links to the Clinical Education Google Drive that contains coursework for all core and elective rotations.  Some new innovative items included in the curriculum are an online clinical reasoning course, ultrasound course, and a course on medical genomics that was created with the partnership of 23andMe and uses a platform created by Georgetown University.

The Clinical Problem Solvers:

LECOM students have access to the Clinical Problem Solvers (@CPSolvers), a weekly podcast that teaches the art of clinical problem solving through their use of diagnostic schema and illness scripts. Their goal is to work on frame working your thought processes and clinical reasoning skills.  It gives our students a model to continue to focus their own problem-solving skills and framework of illness scripts outside of the clinic. Our own Dr. Travis Smith has been featured on the podcast and routinely works with them in helping translate their teaching methods onto our students.

Human DX:

To practice their own skills in a virtual environment, Human DX provides students with real cases to work through while they work on building a differential diagnoses and solving it.  From a 38 year-old man with a headache to a 4-year-old girl with shoulder pain, the program introduces students to the same diversity of cases as they would see out the wards or in the office.

Board Prep:

Finally, no proper third and fourth-year curriculum would be complete without board prep!  All our students are doing at least twenty board review questions each day to test their knowledge and get ready for the big exams.

Ultimately, thanks to the work of Dr. Smith and many of our other faculty members, we are still on track to graduate the largest medical school class in the United States this May.  More LECOM physicians are on their way to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic and provide essential services during these trying times.