LECOM Summer Primary Care 2018 Presentations

LECOM Summer Primary Care 2018 CME Speaker Presentations

The following presentations are submitted for the sole educational use of participants in the LECOM Summer 2018 Primary Care CME conference.  Lectures are the property of the presenting speakers and reuse is not allowed with out the permission of the author.

Beat the Heat: Post-Menopausal Symptoms and Treatment – Chevelta Smith, DO

Difficile Infections: How difficult is it to manage? – Brian Viviano, DO

Realizing the Value of the Annual Wellness Visit for the Geriatric Patient – Douglas Fronzaglia, DO

Update: Doctor Dashers: Cases that Make Physician Omissions Sicken Us – Jeffrey Myers, JD and Richard Ferretti, JD

New Therapies in Diabetes Treatment – Thanh Hoang, DO

Physician’s Guide to Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients – Douglas Fronzaglia, DO

A New Option to Avoid Total-Joint Replacement – Anthony Ferretti, DO

Anti-angiogenesis: A Paradigm for Dietary Cancer Prevention – Garrett Clark, DO

Approach to the Patient with Cognitive Impairment – Bridget Keller, MD

Review of Pediatric Eating Disorders – Nicole Greenwood, MD

Male Menopause: Symptoms and Treatment of Hypogonadism – Thanh Hoang, DO

Primary Care Guide to the Latest Hypertension Guidelines – Carmine D’Amico, DO

The Primary Care Approach to Abnormal Liver Tests – Brian Viviano, DO

Collectible Injectables: A Review of Integrative Injection Treatment Modalities for Pain – Garrett Clark, DO

Florida Laws Requirements – Jeffery Myers, JD and Richard Ferretti, JD

What the PCP Needs to Know About Movement Disorders – Bridget Keller, MD

Childhood Obesity – Nicole Greenwood, MD

Par for the Course: Prevention and Treatment of Golf Injuries – Anthony Ferretti, DO

Common Cardiovascular Cases Seen by the PCP – Carmine D’Amico, DO

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: New Terminology – Old Problem – Chevelta Smith, DO