LECOM Primary Care 2018 CME Presentations

Click the links below to download PDF versions of the lecture presentations.  These presentations are for use solely by the participants of the LECOM Primary Care 2018 CME conference.  Reuse of the presentation material without written consent of the lecturer is prohibited.  Some presentations may contain graphic images presented for medical education purposes.  More information on LECOM CME eductional policies may be found at the end of this list.

Realizing The Value Of The Annual Wellness Exam – Danielle Hansen, DO

Evaluation Of Mild Cognitive Impairment In The Primary Care Office – James Lin, DO

Stroke Recovery: Rehabilitation, Recovery, And Complications – Ryan Lynch, DO

Transitional Care Management – Ashley King, PharmD

ECT As Therapeutic Option for Older Adults – Mark Strasizar, DO

The National Opioid Crisis: The Physicians Responsibilities – Melanie Dunbar, PhD; Erika Allen, PhD

The National Opioid Crisis: What You Need to Know About Prescribing Pain Medications – Kim Burns, JD

The Addiction Epidemic:  Impacts and Opportunities – Steve Bell, DO

Treatment Options with Stem and Fat Cells – Greg Coppola, DO

End of Life Care: What is Palliative Medicine vs Hospice? – Jason Carlson, DO

CardiBovascular Preoperative Risk Assessment for Non-Cardiac Surgery Patients – Carmine D’Amico, DO

HIPAA, HITECH, Headaches: Having the Viability to Escape Liability – Jeffrey Myers, JD; Richard Ferretti, JD

Sexual Health: A Necessary Part of the H&P – Chevelta Smith, DO

OMM: Pain Management for Reducing the Need for Medications – Jan Hendryx, DO

OMM: An International Perspective – Osteoarthritis of the Knee – Andrea Orlandi, DO and Michele Dalmasso, DO

The Primary Care Physician’s Approach to Abnormal Liver Tests – Brian Viviano, DO

Management of Cardiac Medications During the Perioperative Period – Carmine D’Amico, DO

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: New Terminology – Old Problem – Chevelta Smith, DO
(This presentation contains graphic images that are intended for medical education only)

A New Option to Avoid Total-Knee Replacement – Anthony Ferretti, DO

Arthroscopic Knee Examination – An In-office View Without MRI – Josh Tuck, DO

New Therapies in Diabetes Treatment – Thant Hoang, DO

Approach to Thyroid Dysfunction in the Elderly – Fernando Melaragno, DO

Mindful Nourishment: Integrating Nutrition and Supplements into Patient Treatment – Garrett Clark, DO

How to Prevent Flaws with the Laws or Being Fooled by the Rules – Jeffrey Myers, JD; Richard Ferretti, JD

Physician’s Guide to Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients – Douglas Fronzaglia, DO

Common Injuries in the Young Athlete – Chris Rial, DO

LECOM CME Educational Policy
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine sponsors this program for educational purposes only.  The material presented is not intended to represent the only best methods appropriate for the medical situations discussed, but rather it is intended to present the opinions of the authors and presenters that may be helpful to other practitioners.  Attendees participating in this medical education program sponsored by LECOM do so with full knowledge that they waive any claim they may have against LECOM for reliance on any information presented during these educational activities. Each physician in attendance at LECOM meetings is free to discuss the issues openly with lecturers and with the LECOM Continuing Medical Education coordinator and program director. Any conclusion or decision reached based on issues discussed must be an educational or business decision made by each physician independently and based solely on what is in the best interests of that physician.  In conducting education and information programs for its affiliates, LECOM does not recommend nor necessarily enforce any particular course of conduct.  Participants may direct questions or issues raised during the conference concerning the program, speakers and administration of the program should be directed to the LECOM CME Coordinator at the LECOM Communications and Marketing Department.