CME for Clinical Adjunct Faculty and Medical Preceptors

CME for Clinical Adjunct Faculty and Medical Preceptors

New policies in place to automatically recognize CME credits for our preceptors

Notice for College of Medicine Clinical Adjunct Faculty and Preceptors

Since June 1, 2013, the LECOM Clinical Education Department will automatically award Category 1-B Continuing Medical Education credits for all clinical adjunct faculty and preceptors who teach our medical students.   Following each student rotation, Clinical Education staff will email a credit report to faculty members. The department will also submit regular credit reports to the AOA.  Non-AOA members may use the certificate or email credit report to present to licensing boards and board certification associations.  For more information contact LECOM Clinical Education in Erie at (814) 866-6641 or in Bradenton at (941) 756-0690 or email  There is no longer any need to submit paper forms or use the online CME survey to report these credits.

Please allow LECOM this opportunity to thank you for the immeasurable amount of time and effort each of our clinical adjunct faculty members are giving to the education of LECOM students.   We have heard from many of our preceptors and are addressing your concerns about Continuing Medical Education (CME) and the benefits beyond the satisfaction of teaching the LECOM students.

Starting in June 2013, the LECOM Clinical Education Department will begin a new process of awarding Teaching Certificates for our Adjunct Faculty.  Here is how the process will work:

Change in CME Verification for Clinical Teaching Faculty

  1. All clinical teaching faculty members (DO or MD) will receive a CME verification certificate at the completion of a rotation. Example: LECOM will complete the first rotation on June 30. Once the evaluation form has been recorded with a grade LECOM will email (if email address has been made available) or send a CME verification certificate for the allotted time. Please save these certificates. They will serve as proof of your teaching efforts and are required by various credentialing groups, i.e. the osteopathic licensing and certification boards or the American Medical Association (AMA).
  2. If you are a member of the American Osteopathic Association, LECOM will continue to submit a quarterly report for category 1-B credit for being a preceptor.

To make this process go smoothly, please fill out the evaluation form where it asks for AOA/AMA number and your email address.

Change in the Cinical Clerkship Evaluation Form

In an effort to make the evaluation of students a more efficient process, we have redesigned the LECOM Clinical Clerkship Student Evaluation Form: Click Here to View the New Form. Here is how this works:

Revised Student Evaluation Form
In an effort to make the evaluation of students a transparent process, LECOM has redesigned the Clinical Clerkship Evaluation form.

  1. Since this is a doctorate program, any grade below 70 will be considered a failure and will have to be remediated.
  2. The evaluation is competency-based and each competency may be graded below 70/70 or above.

The total is then divided by the competency number for the grade, please note that in the 3rd year, 30% of their final clerkship grade will come from their subject exam score if applicable.

Clinical Adjunct Faculty Benefits

Your Clinical Adjunct Faculty appointment entitles you to receive other benefits.  These include discounted registration fees for LECOM CME conferences, participation in the web based Masters of Medical Education program at half tuition, faculty development support, access to the Up-to-Date data base through our students, book store access, research and educational grants, and access to the Center for Drug Information and Research newsletter.  Click here to view a brochure that provides further information on your benefits of Adjunct Faculty Appointment.

It is because we are so grateful for all that you do that we have decided to make these policy changes in the Clinical Education Department.

Once again, thank you for allowing our students the opportunity to learn and grow under your mentorship. Your willingness to volunteer helps to keep the cost of medical school affordable for our students.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact the Clinical Education Department at any time.


Regan Shabloski, D.O.
Assistant Dean of Clinical Education
(814) 860-5143

Osteopathic physicians who serve as preceptors for LECOM students may earn Category 1-B credits for teaching medical students. LECOM will submit all of your hours to the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education. The AOA will use 20 of those credits each year toward AOA CME requirements.