Your Cost of Attending the College of Medicine in Elmira

Your Cost of Attending the College of Medicine in Elmira

LECOM at Elmira
First Year – Class of 2024

Tuition* $38,700
Curriculum Fee $350
Technology Fee $300
Graduation Fee $300
Board Prep Fee $200
Student Government (mandatory) $50
Disability Insurance (mandatory, variable/age dependent) $502
Health Insurance (mandatory) $3,924
Room (Rent, utilities) $9,300
Board (Food) $5,000
Books (e-books)/Supplies $3,785
Transportation $1,744
Other $3,600
Loan Fees $1,486
Total $69,241

The Cost of Education is subject to change without notice.

Beginning with the 1st year, incoming medical students, Class of 2024 (APAP and PCSP Class of 2023), medical students will be charged an additional $3,500 in tuition during their 3rd and 4th years to offset the rising costs for clinical rotation sites.  APAP and PCSP students will be charged the additional $3,500 in tuition in their 3rd year.

Students will be billed for mandatory disability insurance, health insurance and Student Government charge. The disability insurance is variable, age dependent. An estimated amount is listed above.

“Supplies,” for first-year students only, include allowances for the purchase of a computer and diagnostic medical equipment.

“Other” includes allowances for auto insurance, rental insurance, telephone, internet connection, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

“Transportation” includes, for third-year students, an allowance of $600 for costs associated with the Geriatric Rotation.   For third and fourth year students, an allowance of $1,500 for moving expenses to the Regional Campus site is included.

The Cost of Education represents average costs and may not always meet the student’s full financial responsibilities. Total loan amounts borrowed and scholarships awarded from all sources cannot exceed the Cost of Education.

Financial Aid is available only for the months the student is enrolled, so students should plan accordingly.