LECOM Recruitment Fairs

LECOM Recruitment Fairs

LECOM admissions recruiters are on the road visiting college campuses and attending career and recruitment fairs.  To see when recruiters will be at your campus or nearby, check the schedule below.

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine offers the best choices to prepare the next generation of health care professionals.

LECOM offers a choice of the main campus in Erie, PA, with an additional location in Greensburg, PA, and the branch campus in Bradenton, FL; a choice of careers in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy; and your choice of student-centered learning styles for medicine: traditional, problem-based learning; independent studies; a three-year Primary Care Scholars Pathway; and the Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway.

The School of Pharmacy provides a choice of a year-round, three-year pathway in Erie, the four-year traditional pathway in Bradenton, and a four year distance education pathway. The School of Dental Medicine offers the problem-based-learning and comprehensive curriculum at the Bradenton, Fla. campus.

To learn more about our programs click here, fill out the contact form or call the LECOM Erie Main Campus at (814) 866-6641. For high school recruitment fairs, please scroll down to end of list.

For event details, please contact the career or prehealth advisers at the colleges listed below where event links are not available .

LECOM College Recruiting Events Date Location
Wright State Path to Health Professions Day 2/20/2017 Dayton, OH
Univ. of Pittsburgh-Titusville Health Career Day 2/20/2017 Titusville, PA
University of Arizona Health Professions Expo 2/21/2017 Tucson, AZ
Arizona State University Health Professions Expo 2/22/2017 Tempe, AZ
University of Akron Presentation 2/23/2017 Akron, OH
Northern Arizona University Health Professions Expo 2/23/2017 Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Canyon University Grad Fair 2/24/2017 Phoenix, AZ
University of Houston Health Professions Fair 2/27/2017 Houston, TX
IUPUI Health Professions Career Fair 2/28/2017 Indianapolis, IN
Texas A&M Health Professions Fair 2/28/2017 College Station, TX
University of Texas Austin 3/1/2017 Austin, TX
Indiana University Health Programs Fair 3/1/2017 Bloomington, IN
Purdue University Health Programs Expo 3/2/2017 West Lafayette, IN
University of Texas San Antonio Health Professions Fair 3/2/2017 San Antonio, TX
Texas State University Health Professions Fair 3/1/2017 San Marcos, TX
Our Lady of the Lake University Presentation 3/2/2017 San Antonio, TX
University of West Alabama Grad. & Prof. School Expo 3/7/2017 Livingston, AL
University of Cincinnati Health Professions Fair 3/8/2017 Cincinnati, OH
Ohio State University Pre-SOMA Presentation 3/9/2017 Columbus, OH
Georgia Tech AMSA Pre-Health Conference 3/12/2017 Atlanta, GA
Siena Heights University Presentation 3/13/2017 Livingston, AL
University of Georgia Health Professions Fair 3/14/2017 Athens, GA
University of Michigan Dearborn Health Professions Fair 3/14/2017 Dearborn, MI
Univ. of Michigan Dearborn Pre-Professional Health Society Presentation 3/14/2017 Dearborn, MI
University of Michigan Pre-Pharmacy Club Presentation 3/14/2017 Ann Arbor, MI
University of Michigan Health & Medical School Expo 3/15/2017 Ann Arbor, MI
Grand Valley State University Professional School Fair 3/16/2017 Allendale, MI
Univ. of Minnesota Health Interprofessional School Fair 3/27/2017 Minneapolis, MN
Philadelphia/Main Line Health Professions School Expo 3/30/2017 Philadelphia, PA
City College of New York Alpha Epsilon Delta Presentation 3/30/2017 New York, NY
Columbia University Medical School Fair 3/31/2017 New York, NY
City College of New York Medical & Dental School Fair 4/1/2017 New York, NY
LECOM High School Recruiting Events  Date  Location
NACAC Pittsburgh College Fair 2/9-10/2017 Pittsburgh, PA
NACAC Tampa College Fair 2/25/2017 Tampa, Florida
NACAC Miami College Fair 2/26/2017 Miami, Florida
Greater Hancock Co. College Night at Owens Community College 3/6/2017 Findlay, OH
Northwest State Community College Night 3/7/2017 Archbold, OH
Centerville High School 3/7/2017 Centerville, OH
NACAC Syracuse College Fair 3/8/2017 Syracuse, NY
NACAC Rochester College Fair 3/12-13/2017 Rochester, NY
Penn York College Fair 3/14/2017 Saint Bonaventure, NY
NACAC Buffalo College Fair 3/15-16/2017 Buffalo, NY
Cleveland NE Suburban College Fair 3/16/2017 University Heights, OH
PACAC Lancaster Co. Regional 3/16/2017 Lancaster, PA
NACAC Atlanta College Fair 3/19/2017 Atlanta, GA
NACAC New Jersey College Fair 4/27/2017 Secaucus, NJ

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