Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics

Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics (MSBE)

LECOM has developed the Master of Science in Biomedical Ethics (MSBE) distance education program to fill the need for exceptionally prepared healthcare personnel. MSBE helps healthcare workers develop cultural competency in today’s diverse healthcare environment and demonstrates how ethics education leads to behavioral changes that result in a higher level of professionalism and the delivery of top-quality, patient-centered care.

Now, more than ever before, healthcare professionals are encountering cultural and social attitudes, values, and beliefs that may differ from their own personal perceptions. This makes it increasingly necessary that healthcare workers firmly grasp how to deal with these differences while providing care that mitigates risk and results in best medical outcomes.

As the medical industry strives to improve healthcare delivery for patients, organization leaders will need to be prepared to develop, implement, and measure policies and practices that enhance treatment for people from different cultures according to the rights afforded them.

A strong understanding of ethics and its critical application enables providers to carry out their daily responsibilities more sensitively, to enhance care delivery and to improve patient satisfaction. The MSBE program provides the skills needed to successfully relate to patients and engage them in the course of their own care.

Who should enroll in the MSBE Program?

Candidates for the MSBE program include physicians, executives, administrators, researchers, mid-level practitioners, nurses, chaplains, clergy, educators, social workers, healthcare advocates, and others in the health delivery industry.

This program will benefit those seeking enhanced training for positions in health care compliance, patient-care management, risk management, and in medical research as well as palliative care and end-of-life care positions providing expert, ethical care to patients and their families.