How the MHSA Schedule Works

How the MHSA Schedule Works

Curriculum Delivery
Individual course with diverse teaching methodologies driven by competency achievement and experimental application. The robust on-line learning platform is available to MHSA students 24/7 and delivers high quality presentations, forum discussions, teamwork activities and direct linkage to each faculty member.  In-person sessions are hosted at the LECOM Bradenton, Florida or Erie, PA campuses with 4 days at the beginning of the program for orientation, registration and introductions to the didactic coursework, and 4 days at the end of the program aligned with graduation. Recognizing the need for minimal disruption in the schedules of working professionals, in-person sessions are held on a Thursday to Sunday schedule resulting in required attendance of only 4 weekdays for the entire program.

Student coursework for assignments and examinations for both the in-person sessions and distance education are submitted electronically within each course on the LECOM Learning Management System, access to which is limited by a unique usernames and password.

There are two cohorts for enrollment; the January and June Cohorts. These cohorts have been designed for professionals who seek a MHSA degree while continuing to work full-time as well as students currently enrolled in other professional programs, such as LECOM’s COM, SOP and SDM programs.  Each cohort is limited to 40 students with applications being accepted on a rolling basis.

January Cohort
The January Cohort begins in early January with a 4 day in-person session.  Students then continue study through distance education courses  of six week durations  A final 4 day in-person session allows for a final project presentation and career planning.  The curriculum is completed in 18 months.

June Cohort
The June Cohort begins with a 4 day in-person session. June Cohort students then continue their studies through distance education course modules of 8 week durations. A final 4 day in-person session allows for a final project presentation and career planning.  The curriculum is completed in 24 months.