The New 2021 LIPhE Curriculum: LECOM School of Pharmacy’s Individualized Pharmacy Education

The “L” in #LIPhE stands for “LECOM,” and our School of Pharmacy. Established in 2002, the LECOM School of Pharmacy began with an innovative accelerated pathway in Erie, PA and quickly grew to provide a four-year option to students in Bradenton, FL. Continuing our record of innovation and student-centered education, the distance education pathway, one of only two in the country at the time, admitted its first students in 2014. In August 2021 our next chapter in innovation begins. Stay tuned for more information about the new wave in pharmacy education.

The “I” in #LIPhE stands for “individualized” and our commitment to providing an instructional environment to meet the needs of every students.  A modular, systems-based curriculum will allow students to focus on clinical applications within their first term.  Our new first-term applied patient care labs are already starting to do this!

These modules will also have longitudinal courses aligned with them in order to reinforce key topics like pharmacy calculations and pharmacy law.

The result is a curriculum that is active, engaging, and student driven in order to make our graduates similarly active and engaging clinicians.

The “Ph” is for the profession of Pharmacy and LECOM School of Pharmacy’s commitment to graduating highly skilled clinicians. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional. They understand the importance of individualization when it comes to successful medication regimens and LECOM is transforming its curriculum to allow students to individualize their learning to meet the needs of patients in the changing healthcare landscape.

It’s pharmacy school, the way YOU want to do it.  Your LIPhE! – Your Way! #PharmacyLIPhE

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