Master of Science in Medical Education

Master of Science in Medical Education

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LECOM now offers two programs to earn a Master of Science in Medical Education Degree.  Choose either the two-year or an accelerated one-year program.

“Anyone with a responsibility for educating students, residents and physicians should be skilled and well informed about medical education – as preparing these learners to provide safe, humane and effective care for the members of our society is a heavy responsibility.”

Howard S. Barrows, M.D. in the forward of Teaching and Learning in Medical and Surgical Education: Lessons Learned for the 21st Century

“A poor surgeon hurts one patient at a time. A poor educator hurts 250 each time.”

Ernest Boyer, Ph.D., Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Distance Learning Programs

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine has established two Master’s degree programs designed for all varieties of educators in the healthcare professions. The programs’ courses impart the knowledge, skills and behaviors incumbent in effective teaching, leadership, and scholarship to professionals who desire advanced training in medical education. The academic programs provide a training platform aimed at producing specialists who make significant contributions to medical education and research. Our Master of Science in Medical Education online degree programs are designed to ensure that our learners become master teachers who can advance the field of medical education through teaching, leadership, and research.

LECOM uses a distance learning delivery for the M.S. in Medical Education programs that allows healthcare professionals from anywhere in the country to attend. Using innovative distance learning tools such as podcasts, electronic bulletin boards and chat rooms, LECOM faculty deliver coursework to the student’s home or office.

Near the end of the programs, students are required to participate in the live Capstone Conference in Medical Education, a two-day educational and networking experience held in Erie, PA.

Opportunities for LECOM Affiliated Teaching Hospitals
The M.S. in Medical Education programs are attractive educational opportunities for faculty and residents of LECOM-affiliated teaching hospitals. LECOM waives tuition for residents at Millcreek Community Hospital and offers reduced tuition for teaching faculty and residents at Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training (OPTI) member hospitals.

Mission Statement
The LECOM Master of Science in Medical Education program produces education specialists through distance education training and graduates educator-scholar-leaders who lead, serve, and inspire educational practice and scholarship within the health care community.

LECOM received full approval for the Master of Science in Medical Education programs from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Education.