Master of Medical Science

Master of Medical Science

LECOM offers a one-year, non-thesis Master of Medical Science (MMS) degree.  The mission of the MMS program is to academically, scientifically, and professionally prepare students to be acceptable applicants into the LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, or School of Pharmacy.

This program is offered at LECOM Bradenton and will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop life-long strategies for professional and career development, enhance written and oral research presentations skills, and learn principles and strategies for becoming effective team members.

The program encompasses 36 weeks of study in three sessions as follows:

1. Summer Session – 6 weeks of study
2. Fall Session – 15 weeks of study
3. Spring Session – 15 weeks of study

Students who successfully complete the MMS program and apply to LECOM through the channels appropriate to their area of interest (medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy) and meet all other standards and requirements for admission will be assured of an interview.

For more information, please contact Admissions at LECOM Bradenton, (941) 756-0690.