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A Proven Pathway to Success

Thursday, 23 April 2020

LECOM’s Distance Education Pathway offers students an opportunity to earn their PharmD online, and helps on-campus students transition during the COVID-19 crisis.

For many, it may not have been possible any other way.  The costs were too high, the uncertainty too great, to uproot a whole family and a whole life – even to fulfill a dream, a calling.  For many years, this was the dilemma facing prospective pharmacy students.  It was either complete it on-campus or bust.  That all changed with the inception of online PharmD programs.  As one of only a few such programs in the country, the LECOM School of Pharmacy’s Distance Education (DE) Pathway is a proven route to success for students facing the same dilemma.

Established in 2014, the School of Pharmacy initially thought that the older on-campus pathways would inform how we delivered the Distance Education pathway.  However, as we progressed through the first few cohorts, we found that it was the DE pathway guiding how we delivered parts of the on-campus curricula.  For example, the Zoom service that has become all the rage since the COVID-19 lockdown, has been in use by our School of Pharmacy for over half a decade.  We have used Zoom for our on-campus students in their final years for regular NAPLEX review sessions and other updates while they are off-campus for clinical rotations.  Thanks to the DE pathway, LECOM was uniquely situated to reformat delivery of its curriculum for both Florida and Pennsylvania on-campus pathways and began delivering lectures, proctoring exams, and administering assignments in this unique format after missing just one day of instruction time.

The Distance Education Pathway brings together students from the widest range of geographical regions, educational background, and professional experiences in the United States.  In terms of overall life experiences, it may be the most diverse of our three pathways.  These differential perspectives are a key strength of the program and help us create healthcare professionals who use a more holistic approach in practice.  Among our current students and graduates we count former nurses, engineers, accountants, teachers, business owners, social workers, military personnel, and more.

This creates a depth of experience that these current and future pharmacists can call upon at any time to augment their practice.  Former engineers and businesspeople can help pharmacies and hospitals improve their workflow and finances.  Teachers, social workers, and others can use their skills to become preeminent consultants and patient advocates.  Healthcare professionals will always be in demand – but healthcare professionals with secondary skills and diverse backgrounds will be in even higher demand to meet the needs of an ever-changing patient population.

No matter what your background may be –it can be way to enhance your abilities as a future pharmacist.  With a student age range from the 20s to the 60s, it’s never too late, either.  If you would like more information about our Distance Education Pathway, you should visit our website, or contact our admissions office at pharmacy@lecom.edu