School of Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Does LECOM have a 3 or 4-year pharmacy program?
The LECOM School of Pharmacy offers only the professional program in pharmacy. At the Erie Campus, an innovative, three-year, year-round pathway leads to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The students at the Erie Campus attend school year round, including summers, and have about 1-2 weeks off between each term. At the Bradenton Campus, a traditional four-year pathway leads to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Students attend Bradenton for four years and have a summer break.

What are affiliation agreements?
The LECOM School of Pharmacy has affiliation agreements offering Early Acceptance Programs (EAP) that allow qualified undergraduate students to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) in as little as five years from the time they matriculate at one of our affiliated schools. The number of years (2, 3, or 4) required to attend the undergraduate school is determined by each affiliate. At each institution, undergraduate students will complete a specially designed pre-pharmacy curriculum required to satisfy the pre-requisite coursework for admission into the professional component of the Pharm.D. program. LECOM will reserve a seat for all students enrolled in the program and who meet the affiliation program’s requirements for acceptance to the LECOM School of Pharmacy. For more information on the affiliation programs please contact the pre-health advisor at one of the affiliated schools. Click here to see a list of LECOM EAP affiliates.

If I do not finish my pre-requisite work by the end of the spring semester can I take the rest of the courses at LECOM? No, all coursework must be completed at an undergraduate institution by July 1 prior to matriculation. LECOM is a graduate level institution; we only offer the professional program in pharmacy. Coursework must be completed at any accredited college/university in the United States.

Is it a very competitive program to get accepted into LECOM?
In a typical year, LECOM has received more than 10 applications for each available seat, however, each campus accepts 143 students per class (286 total).

If I am from out of state do I have a chance of getting accepted?
Yes, half of the current students are from out of state. Since LECOM is a private institution, this allows us to select from an applicant pool from all over the United States and not just in the State of Pennsylvania or the State of Florida.

I am going to be taking classes in the spring and I want LECOM to know what they are. How can I notify you of what I am taking? In December, you can log into your PharmCAS account and update your coursework. PharmCAS has a section (called the Planned Section) that allows you to add the coursework you are planning to take in the spring. PharmCAS will send the updates to the schools you apply to.

How can I update my grades after the fall semester?
In December, you can log into your PharmCAS account and submit your fall transcripts to PharmCAS and update your application. Once PharmCAS verifies the changes they will send LECOM the revisions. It is important for all students to complete an academic update so the admissions office receives the most accurate file.

Do I need to send LECOM my college transcripts?
No. All transcripts should be sent directly to PharmCAS. If you are accepted into the Pharmacy Program, then we will require you to send to LECOM an official transcript from each school you have attended.

Do you need my high school transcripts and SAT scores?
No. LECOM does not need nor look at high school transcripts or SAT scores.

What is the minimum GPA to apply?
2.7 (Overall PharmCAS GPA). LECOM looks at the PharmCAS overall GPA, not the breakdown of the GPA by institution.

What is the average GPA of the students who were accepted last year?
The average GPA of the entering class for the Erie campus was a 3.5 science GPA and 3.5 overall GPA. The average GPA of the entering class for the Bradenton campus was 3.3 science GPA and 3.4 overall GPA.

What is the tuition for in-state and out of state residents?
Please CLICK HERE for the most updated information.

What are the application deadlines?
Applicants must electronically submit to PharmCAS by midnight on March 3, 2014. The two letters of recommendation (One letter must be from a science professor and other letter can be from anyone else except a friend, family member, or co-worker. A letter of recommendation from a pharmacist is recommended), and college transcripts must be submitted by March 3, 2014 by midnight in order for PharmCAS to mail LECOM this information.

Does LECOM require a supplemental application?
Yes. Once LECOM receives the PharmCAS application, qualified applicants will receive an e-mail message providing information and instructions regarding how to complete the Supplemental Application. The e-mail message will include a username and password to access the secure LECOM Candidate Portal to complete the Supplemental Application and submit the $50 non-refundable application fee. Payment of the $50 application fee is required at the time you submit your application. The LECOM Supplemental Application is very brief, and LECOM encourages you to complete it as soon as possible. The deadline date for submitting the LECOM Supplemental Application is April 1st of the application year. The application will not be processed by LECOM until both the PharmCAS and Supplemental Applications are submitted.

What happens after an application is processed?
All applicants are required to fill out a PharmCAS application. Once LECOM receives your PharmCAS application, we will send you an e-mail notifying you it has arrived. The admissions office will process your application within the next 30 days. After LECOM has processed your application, the admissions office will send you an e-mail informing you your application has been processed and provide you a username and password which will allow you to log onto the admissions portal site. Students will be able to log into their application and see the requirements they are missing. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the admissions office the courses they are planning to take to ensure the Admissions office you will have the required courses completed by July 1 prior to matriculation. Students can e- mail the Admissions office of any changes or updates to their file at (Erie) or (Bradenton).

Can applicants apply to both Erie and Bradenton?
Yes. You can submit a PharmCAS application to both the Erie and Bradenton campus. If you apply to both the Bradenton and Erie campuses, you may only deposit at one campus if accepted. Once you have deposited at one campus, your application will be withdrawn from the other campus.

When do the 60 credits of pre-requisite coursework need to be completed? All pre-requisite coursework must be completed by the end of the July 1, 2014. We will not accept any classes after the deadline.

What are the fees to apply to LECOM School of Pharmacy?
A $50 non-refundable application fee is to be submitted along with the supplemental application. PharmCAS charges a fee to students using their application service. This fee is incurred by the student.

Does LECOM accept AP credits?
Advancement placement credits will only be accepted for pre-requisite coursework with a score of “3” or higher.

Does LECOM accept CLEP credits?
No. LECOM does not accept CLEP credits.

Does LECOM accept International baccalaureate credits?
International baccalaureate credits will be accepted for pre-requisite coursework with a score of “4” or higher.

If I went to an International Institution do I have to have my credits evaluated?
LECOM does not accept credits from international institutions. All coursework must be completed in the United States from an accredited college/university in the United States

If I took classes at an institution outside of the United States do I have to take the TOFEL exam?
Because all coursework must be completed in the United States, applicants are not required to take the TOFEL exam.

Does LECOM require interviews for Pharmacy applicants?
Applicants being considered for admission will be invited for an on-site interview on a rolling basis between October and May. Applicants are notified in advance via e-mail of their interview date.

Does LECOM accept International students?
We accept students who are U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Individuals holding Green Cards or Alien Registration Cards.

Where on the website can I go to view the admissions requirements for the program?
CLICK HERE for requirements. LECOM requires the PCAT; however an exception will be granted for applicants who will have completed at least a bachelor's degree at an accredited U.S. four-year college or university. If selected for an interview, a written assessment will be performed during the on-site interview for those previously mentioned individuals who have not taken the PCAT. Acceptance into the program will be contingent upon completion of the bachelor's degree prior to matriculation. LECOM does not have a PCAT code. Please use PCAT 104 which is the PharmCAS PCAT code.

After my file is complete what happens from here?
Once your file is complete there is nothing else you need to do. The admissions committee will start to meet in October and continue meeting through May to make decisions on files. LECOM makes decisions on a rolling basis. Decision letters start getting mailed out in November and continue through May. All admissions decisions will be sent via U.S. mail. We cannot release any information on your file by phone or e-mail.

How many letters of recommendation are required?
LECOM School of Pharmacy requires two letters of recommendation. One of the letters must be from a science professor. The other letter can be from anyone else except a friend, family member or co- worker. A letter of recommendation from a pharmacist is recommended. All letters of recommendation are submitted through PharmCAS. PharmCAS allows students to submit up to four letters of recommendation. PharmCAS will send the letters to the schools you apply to once they receive them from your recommender.

What is the student portal?
When the student’s application is processed, LECOM automatically sends an e-mail assigning a username and password to the applicant allowing access to is a secure site available only to LECOM students, faculty and staff. After the admissions office processes the file, the applicant receives an e-mail informing them that their application has been processed and they can visit the portal to view their missing requirements. The portal also allows the applicant to keep checking on their application status throughout the process.

Where can I find information on financial aid?
CLICK HERE for financial aid information.

When will my application be processed? Will I find out if I am missing any classes or application materials?
Your application will be processed once we receive your PharmCAS Application. Once your file has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from the admissions office informing the applicant their application has been processed. The e-mail will also inform applicants they can visit the admissions portal site ( using the user name and password provided to them to check their admissions status throughout the process. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE STUDENT TO INFORM THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE OF ANY CHANGES TO THE FILE WHICH INCLUDES GRADES, COURSE CHANGES, SEMESTER CHANGES, ADDRESS CHANGES, ETC.

Is the LECOM School of Pharmacy fully accredited?
The LECOM School of Pharmacy is fully accredited by the ACPE. If you have additional questions, please visit their website at

What if I am having technical difficulties submitting my application or logging into the student portal? If you are having problems, please e-mail our IT department at: they will be able to assist you with any technical problems you are having.