LECOM School of Pharmacy utilizes an Internet based system, PharmAcademic, to manage student rotations. All evaluations should be entered into the PharmAcademic system, thus eliminating the need to mail paper copies. Other features of PharmAcademic include:

— Preceptor Availability Entry: Preceptors may enter their rotation availability when requested by the school via the database.

— Rotation Selection: Students preference rotations and go through a “matching” process for scheduling.

— Rotation Tracking: Students and preceptors can view rotation assignments from the current academic year in PharmAcademic.

— Electronic Assessments:

Erie Students and preceptors should complete their final grade assessment in PharmAcademic and keep a copy of any paper documentation in case it is requested. It is not necessary to print and mail a copy.

Bradenton Campus – APPE Rotations: Preceptors complete the midpoint and final evaluations in SUCCESS for grade calculation.  To learn about SUCCESS, click here. Students and preceptors also complete supplemental assessments in PharmAcademic.  IPPE Rotations: All assessments/evaluations are completed in PharmAcademic.

— Contact Information: Students and preceptors may update their contact information directly using PharmAcademic.

— Easy Access: PharmAcademic can be accessed from anywhere.

— Visit to access the LECOM student and preceptor database

— Your login is the e-mail address LECOM has on file for you. If you forgot your password, please hit the “forgot password” link and the system will send you a new one. If you are still having trouble, please contact the Office of Experiential Education at the campus for which you precept. Contacts: call the Erie office, at 814-860-5167, or the Bradenton office, at 941-782-5676.