School of Pharmacy

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine recognized the growing national need for pharmacists and opened the School of Pharmacy. LECOM believes that new trends in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum had complementary goals to the total-person, patient-centered care fostered by osteopathic medicine.

The LECOM School of Pharmacy has structured its classroom and experiential curriculum to prepare future pharmacists to provide patient care that ensures optimal therapeutic outcomes. The mission statement reflects the expectations for future pharmacy professionals.

The desired outcome of the LECOM School of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacy professionals committed to provide high-quality, ethical, and empathetic patient-centered care to serve the needs of a diverse population. Through the integration of the sciences with critical thinking skills and effective communication, we will prepare future pharmacists to be strong patient advocates and leaders in their communities, in professional associations, and in research activities.

The vision of the LECOM School of Pharmacy is to be a nationally recognized leader in the evolution of pharmacy practice through excellence in education, commitment to community health and wellness, and innovative research.

LECOM School of Pharmacy is committed to a culture that equally values a nurturing and supportive environment, collaborative practices, community service, dedication to the profession of pharmacy, diversity, excellence in scholarship and teaching, honesty, integrity, leadership, life-long learning, professionalism, quality assurance and continuous quality improvement, and a student-centered environment.

LECOM is a single school of pharmacy operating out of two locations situated 1,186 miles apart. Consistent with LECOM’s core value of creating student-centered education, two distinct learning pathways are offered for the Pharm.D. degree providing students the option of choosing a pathway most suited to their learning needs. In Erie, PA, an accelerated three-year pathway is offered enabling students to complete the Pharm.D degree in three calendar years; in Bradenton, FL, a traditional four-year pathway is offered. Both curricula offer the same spectrum of didactic courses, credit hours, and experiential education and experiences. The full array of supporting services exists at both campuses. Physical facilities, at each campus, are state-of-the art and of sufficient volume to meet all educational and administrative functions.

January 1, 2012
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