Graduate Studies: Taking the next step in preparation for your health care career

LECOM Master of Science and Post Baccalaureate Programs

Two graduate studies programs at LECOM allow graduates with the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees to continue their education as they pursue health profession careers.  These programs began at LECOM with the Health Sciences Post Baccalaureate program as a pathway to improve a student's educational credentialsand to increase the student's chances of entering medical, pharmacy or dental school.  The programs have expanded with the addition of the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program that emphasizes research and provides experience for the MS graduate to enter other health or science graduate programs, to pursue research or enter academia.

In addition, LECOM encourages medical, pharmacy and dental graduates, especially medical residents, to enter the Master of Science in Medical Education program.  Candidates in the MS Med Ed program are prepared to become medical educators who teach in post-graduate medical education,  as preceptors in clinical education, or as faculty at medical, pharmacy or dental schools.

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