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Selected Publications

1) Urasaki,Y., Laco, G.S., Takebayashi, Y., Bailly, C., Kohlhagen, G., & Pommier, Y., "Use of Mammalian Cell Lines with Topoisomerase I alterations to Compare the Topoisomerase I Binding Sites and the Role of Topoisomerase I in the Antiproliferative Activity of the Indolocarbazole, NB-506, and Camptothecin”, Cancer Research, 2001, 61, 504-508.

2) Urasaki,Y., Laco, G.S., Takebayashi, Y., Pourquier, P., Kohlhagen, G., Gioffre, C., Chatterjee, D., Pantazis, P., & Pommier, Y., "Characterization of a Novel Topoisomerase I Mutation from a Camptothecin Resistant Prostate Cancer Cell Line”, Cancer Research, 2001, 61, 1964-1969.

3) Marchand, C., Pourquier, P., Laco, G.S., Jing, N., & Pommier, Y., "Topoismerase I Binding to G-rich Nucleic Acids", Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002, 277, 8906-8911.

4) Pommier, Y, Kohlhagen, G., Laco, G.S., Sayer, J.M., Kroth K., & Jerina, D.M., "Position-specific Effects of Minor Groove Binding Polycyclic Aromatics on Human Topoisomerase I", Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002, 277, 13666-13672.

5) Laco, G.S., Collins, J.R., Luke, B., Kroth, H., Sayer, J.M., Jerina, D.M. & Pommier, Y., "Human Topoisomerase I Inhibition: Docking Camptothecin and Derivatives into a Structure Based Active-site Model", Biochemistry, 2002, 41, 1428-1435.

6) Antony, S., Jayaraman, M., Laco, G.S., Kohlhagen, G., Cushman, M. & Pommier, Y., "Differential Induction of Topoisomerase I DNA Cleavage Complexes by the Indenoisoquinoline MJ-III-65 (NCS 706744) and Camptothecin: Base Sequence Analysis and Activity Against Camptothecin-resistant Topoisomerases I", Cancer Research, 2003, 63, 7428-7435.

7) Yu, D., Khan, E., Khaleque, M , Lee, J, Laco, G.S., Kohlhagen, G., Kharbanda, S., Cheng, Y-C, Pommier, Y. & Bhart, A., "Phosphorylation of DNA Topoisomerase I by the c-Abl Tyrosine Kinase Confers Camptothecin Sensitivity", J. Biol. Chem., 2004, Vol. 279, 51851-51861.

8) Laco, G.S., Du W., Kohlhagen, G., Sayer, J.M., Jerina, D.M., Burke, T.G., Curran, D.P., Burke, T., & Pommier, Y., "Analysis of Human Topoisomerase I Inhibition and Interaction with the Cleavage Site +1 Deoxyguanosine, via In Vitro Assays and Molecular Modeling Studies", Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2004, 12, 5225-5235.

9) Arimondo, P.B., Laco, G.S., Craig, T., Halby, L., Pez, D., Schmitt, P., Boutorine, A., Thérèse Garestier, T., Yves Pommier, Y., Hecht, S., Jian-Sheng Sun, J.S., & Bailly, C., "Activation of Camptothecin Derivatives by Conjugation to Triple Helix-Forming Oligonucleotides", Biochemistry, 2005, 44, 4171-4180.

10) Li M., Laco G.S., Jaskolski M., Rozycki J., Alexandratos J., Wlodawer A. & Gustchina A., "Crystal structure of human T cell leukemia virus protease, a novel target for anticancer drug design", PNAS, 2005, 102, 18332-18337.

11) Jaskolski, M., Li, M., Laco, G.S., Gustchina, A. & Wlodawer, A., “Molecular replacement with pseudosymmetry and model diss: a case study”, Acta Crystallogr., 2006, 62, 208-215.

12) Laco, G.S. & Pommier, Y., “Role of tryptophan anchor in human topoisomerase I structure, function and inhibition”, Biochem. J., 2008, 411, 523-530.

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