Results & Publications

Sample Publications

Petrescu O, Cheema AF, Fan X, Bradbury MW, Berk PD, 2008. Differences in Adipocyte Uptake of Long Chain Fatty Acids in Response to High Fat Diets in Osborne-Mendel and S5B/Pl Rats. International Journal of Obesity Relat. Metab.Disord. 32: 853-862 (doi:10.1038/sj.ijo.0803792)

Bradbury MW, 2006. Hepatic Fatty Acid Uptake: Possible Role in Steatosis. Am. J. Physiol. Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 290:G194-8. Link to article.

Petrescu O, Fan X, Gentileschi P, Hossain S, Bradbury M, Gagner M, Berk PD, 2005. Long chain fatty acid uptake is upregulated in omental adipocytes from patients undergoing bariatric surgery for obesity. International Journal of Obesity Relat. Metab.Disord. 29:196-203

Bradbury MW, Berk PD, 2004. Lipid metabolism in hepatic steatosis. Clinics. Liver Dis. 8:639-671

Bradbury,MW, Berk,PD, 2004. Cellular uptake of long chain free fatty acids: the structure and function of plasma membrane fatty acid binding protein. Adv.Mol.Cell Biol. 33:47-81.


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