Links to Osteopathic Organizations and Information

American Osteopathic Association
The American Osteopathic Association is a member association representing more than 56,000 osteopathic physicians (D.O.'s). The AOA serves as the primary certifying body for D.O.'s, and is the accrediting agency for all osteopathic medical colleges and health care facilities. The AOA's mission is to advance the philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine by promoting excellence in education, research and the delivery of quality, cost-effective health care within a distinct, unified profession.

Did you know that all osteopathic medical students are automatically members of the AOA? Not only do students have access to everything they need to know about the osteopathic medical profession through DO-Online, but the entire Division of Student, Intern, Resident and Member Affairs is dedicated to help all osteopathic medical students with any issues or concerns they may have. Students are eligible for great AOA member benefits, such as discounts, free registration to the AOA convention and scholarships through the American Osteopathic Foundation. Go to DO-Online to view the AOA Student Benefit Guide.

DO-Online provides the latest news and information needed by the osteopathic health care professional, students, affiliates and the public.

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine supports and assists all of the nation's osteopathic medical schools. The organization today represents the administration, faculty and students of its member colleges in the United States. AACOM is actively involved in all areas of osteopathic medical education. Through AACOM's Application Service (AACOMAS) , students can file one electronic application then AACOMAS verifies and distributes the information to each of the colleges designated by the applicant.

American College of Osteopathic Physicians
The ACOFP promotes excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education, visionary leadership and responsible advocacy.

Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
Pennsylvania's No. 1 source for information about the osteopathic profession. Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association is an advocate for osteopathic medicine in Pennsylvania.

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association
The Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA) is the state association for osteopathic physicians in Florida. The FOMA was organized for the purposes of advancing the science and art of osteopathic medicine; extending the benefits of scientific advancement to the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of human ailments; and promoting closer relationships between the osteopathic profession, FOMA members and other groups dedicated to improve health care.

LECOM Research Collective

The LECOM Research Collective and the Office of Research maintain laboratories at the campuses in Erie and Bradenton. Faculty members conduct research with varied disciplinary focuses that represent the scientific and scholarly interests of the school and endeavors to be on the forefront of osteopathic biomedical research.

LECOM Center for Drug Information and Research

The LECOM School of Pharmacy established the Center for Drug Information and Research as both a repository of prescription medication information and as a  learning tool of pharmacy students.  The Center was established with a mission to provide students, faculty, preceptors, and the public with timely independent, best evidence analysis and commentary on pharmaceuticals and healthcare policy as it relates to pharmaceuticals.The Center is proactively providing useful, scientifically accurate drug information to the largest audience possible.