Private Loan Information

If you will be repeating or remediating a course, rotation, semester or the year, you are not making satisfactory academic progress and therefore not eligible for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS loans.  If you need loan funds to pay for tuition/fees, living expenses and/or remediation costs, you would need to apply for a private educational loan.

About Private/Alternative Education Loans

Private education loans are non-need, credit-based consumer loans that can be used to pay for college education related expenses.Private loans are not subsidized by the federal government.They may have a higher interest rates and less desirable repayment options and should only be considered as a last resort after all other financial aid options have been explored or exhausted.  Click here for a generic comparison document created to help graduate students who are considering financing their education with either Federal Graduate PLUS or private loans.  The chart will help you understand the features and benefits of each loan type. 

The approval of a private loan is contingent upon the borrower having a positive credit history.Many private loans require a co-signer; however, repayment of principal and interest may be deferred in most cases. Having a credit-worthy co-signer may reduce the cost of the loan (interest rate, up-front and back-end fees, etc.). Be aware that the co-signer is fully responsible for repaying the loan should the borrower stop making payments. There are some private loan programs that offer a co-signer release option after a specified number of on-time payments are made and the borrower is credit-worthy.

Lender Selection Criteria

LECOM has developed a list of participating Private/Alternative Education loan lenders for the 2012-13 academic year for students who would like guidance in selecting loans. Our selections were made via a request for information (RFI) from lenders that our students have used in the past and in the best interest of the students of LECOM in accordance with federal regulations and institutional policies. The suggested lenders uphold the utmost integrity and responsibility, as well as excellent customer service practices. Our ultimate goal is to promote and encourage responsible borrowing and repayment options that best suit LECOM students.

The lenders listed below have made loans to LECOM students in the past and offer:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Zero fees and/or borrow discounts during repayment
  • Electronic application processing and fund delivery
  • Loan servicing until paid in full
  • Excellent customer service
  • Long-term commitment to educational financing

While we suggest the lenders below, you are not required to borrow from any of the lenders on this list.You may choose any participating lender for your private education loans. We encourage you to compare borrower benefits offered by any participating lender before deciding which lender to use.

The lenders below are listed alphabetically by lender name, so no inference should be made based upon the order of the listing. Borrowers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of each program prior to selecting a lender. The criteria listed above will be reviewed periodically to determine if loan programs may be added to, or removed from, the list of programs.

To Apply for a Private Loan:

To apply for a private loan, go to the lender website of your choice and apply for the private loan.(Again, you are not required to borrow from one of the loan programs listed below; you may choose any participating private loan program.)Follow the online instructions.The Office of Financial Aid should be notified electronically by the lender of your loan, however to expedite the process; please notify the Office of Financial Aid of the lender and the website so we may promptly certify your private loan.

As part of the application process, students will be required to complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form available through their lender's website. Students may also obtain a Self-Certification Form here or from the Office of Financial Aid. Information needed to complete this form, such as cost of attendance, may be obtained from the link at the right (Your Cost of Attending the School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton).The annual maximum loan amount that may be requested is the cost of education less any other financial aid received.More information may be obtained from the student's Financial Aid Award Letter via the LECOM Student Portal-when it is available. Should you have any lender-specific questions regarding the application process, etc., contact the lender directly at he customer service numbers listed below.


Citizen’s Bank TruFitStudentLoan

To apply:

For Application and Solicitation Disclosure Forms go to:

Customer Service: 1-800-708-6684


Discover Health Professions Loans

To apply:

For Application and Solicitation Disclosure Forms go to:

Customer Services: 1-877-728-3030


PNC Solution Loan for Health Professions


For Application and Solicitation Disclosure information go to:

Customer Service:1-800-762-1001


Wells Fargo MedCAP Alternative Loan for Health Professionals

To apply online and view the loan comparison page:

To apply over the phone:  1-800-658-3567

Application (interest rate) disclosures are also located at:

Customer Service: 1-800-658-3567


LECOM adheres to the Financial Aid Code of Conduct based on the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.