Getting Started

On the day of your assessment you will be met at the reception desk by your concierge. If your assessment includes specialized nutrient testing we will have scheduled and performed your blood work prior to your visit. Otherwise, your day will start with a laboratory assessment.

Immediately following the blood draw, you will be offered a healthy breakfast in our comfortable and relaxing Healthy Living Café. Lunch will also be served in the Café.

Your assessment will then continue with a series of evaluations which may include an electrocardiogram, exercise stress test, ankle/brachial index, pulmonary function tests, and audiometry. Our imaging center will perform a chest x-ray, a bone density study, aortic and carotid ultrasounds and a mammogram for women if chosen as part of your assessment.

During the day, you will meet with the physician who will review the information you provided prior to your visit and perform a detailed physical examination.

Further assessments include a nutritional evaluation and will be conducted by a registered dietitian and a fitness evaluation conducted by an exercise physiologist. This comprehensive analysis of your current wellness profile includes:

Risk factor analysis

Muscular strength and endurance assessment

Flexibility screening

Body composition analysis

Our team will use the results from your fitness assessment to recommend a personalized program incorporating a healthy combination of exercise, nutrition education and more providing a unique approach for your total health, fitness, and wellness needs.

Your day will conclude by meeting with the physician in to review the results of your assessment and make recommendations based on medical and laboratory findings, preventative health measures, nutritional, fitness and stress assessments.

We welcome you to use your complimentary pass to the Medical Fitness and Wellness Center to relax by swimming in the lap pool, enjoying the saunas, steam or whirlpools. You may also schedule a massage and use the Spa services.