Frequently Asked Questions About APAP

I am a practicing PA interested in applying to the APAP program. What are the minimum qualifications and/or requirements I need to meet?

To be eligible to apply for admission, you need:

  • NCCPA certification

  • All course prerequisites including at least one physics and organic course with lab.

  • An MCAT of 23 OR

  • Have taken the SAT and/or ACT used in computation with cumulative GPAs which meet the minimal Academic Index Score

I am currently finishing PA school and will be taking my PANCE at a future date. Will I be allowed to apply?

Only PA with certification can be accepted into the program. Certification exams occur after graduation. As long as you will complete the certification before the matriculating year, you can submit your application. Each matriculating year at LECOM starts in the last week of July. PA’s who graduate in December typically take the PANCE in January which would permit you to matriculate the following July. PA’s who graduate in August would not have certification, typically until September, missing the start of classes and would have to apply for the following year.

What are all of the prerequisite courses that I need to apply?

You need to have at least one course of Organic Chemistry (4 credits with lab) and one course of Physics (4 Credits with lab).  These requirements are mandatory and cannot be waived.

I took Physics and Organic Chemistry x number of years ago, are they still valid?

APAP applicants have an average of over 5 years of clinical experience. Recognizing this, there is no time limit on these courses. As long as they are at an undergrad or equivalent level, they will be accepted, providing you have received a “C” or better.

I have not yet taken Physics and/or Organic Chemistry. Does that mean I cannot apply?

The application process is competitive. You can still apply, pending that you provide a plan for taking these courses and will have completed the courses prior to matriculation. However, if an acceptance is offered contingent on completion of the courses, your seat cannot be held, meaning other applicants who have all course requirements completed and accept an offer for a seat may fill all seats available.  It is highly recommended to have all courses complete prior to application or by the fall semester of the application year at the latest.

Do I have to take the MCAT?

Recognizing that the average applicant has had 5 years of clinical experience and many more years since having basic sciences, a pilot for an alternative to the MCAT, the LECOM academic Index score, provides APAP applicants without MCAT’s a means to meet minimal requirements for an interview.  To calculate an Academic Index Score, the applicant must have an SAT or ACT score. There are no other alternatives for gaining an interview. The applicant must have an MCAT, SAT or ACT score.

I took the SAT and/or ACT x number of years ago, is it still valid?

There is no time limit on how long ago these tests were taken.

I do not know if I have the score reports for the SAT or the ACT, but I remember my score, can I email it to you?

Documentation of the scores will be required. Scores can be obtained from the testing agencies.  SAT and ACT’s are also often reported on high school and college transcripts which can be accepted.

I have heard that LECOM has a minimum Academic Index Score (AIS) requirement. What is an Academic Index Score?

Due to applicants being certified Physician Assistants and having, on average, over five years of previous medical experience, our institution has approved an alternative to the MCAT called the LECOM Academic Index Score (AIS) which utilizes the cumulative GPA in formula calculation with either the ACT or SAT scores. Students who meet the AIS  minimal score requirement are waived the requirement of the MCAT score. To see if you meet our minimum AIS requirement based on your individual scores, please email Aroona Madden.

Is there a minimum GPA?

Yes, as with all LECOM applications you must have a minimum 2.7 GPA.

But I took the SAT and/or ACT so long ago, and I have done much better since.  The AIS does not justify my academic qualifications.

The formula is designed so that both your GPA and your SAT and/or ACT scores impact your overall score. Remember, that the GPA used is the cumulative GPA. If you have a high cumulative GPA, but a lower SAT and/or ACT score, you may still meet the minimum score.  Keep in mind that the AIS is not the only requirement. Meeting the minimum AIS requirement may qualify you for an interview, but does not guarantee admission. Admission is granted after a cumulative evaluation of each applicant.

I did not complete my undergrad in this country and do not have either the SAT or the ACT. Or I did not have to take the SAT or the ACT, to get to PA school.

If you do not have either the SAT or the ACT, you must take the MCAT.

Can the GRE be used instead of the SAT or the ACT?

At this time, only the MCAT,  SAT or the ACT is accepted.

I am a foreign applicant. Can I apply?

Regardless of your country of origin, all applicants must either be citizens of United States or hold permanent residency status here in United States.

How many students are accepted in the program?

Currently we accept 12 students;  six (6) are undeclared specialties and six (6) are primary care.

Where and when I can put in my application?

All applications must be completed online through AACOMAS. The application cycles opens up each year at the end of May and you can submit an application early June. Due to the highly competitive nature of this program early application is recommended.

The AACOMAS is asking for an MCAT score, but I don’t have one.

In order to bypass this, please try to enter zeros for the MCAT ID. If that does not work, please register for an MCAT ID through Registration is free and you will get an ID.

How long does it take from the initial time I put in the application to hearing from LECOM?

There are 2 parts to the application process. The primary application is put through AACOMAS. It typically takes 6-8 weeks for that application to be processed and sent to LECOM. The secondary application comes from LECOM and is sent to the applicant once all the documents and information is verified. This process can take another 2 – 4 weeks.  Once the secondary application is completed and submitted back to LECOM, applicants are offered interviews.

I have submitted my AACOMAS application, but have not heard anything from LECOM.

Once your application has been verified, you will receive an email from AACOMAS notifying you of application released to LECOM. If it has been more than 8 weeks and you have not yet heard from AACOMAS, please contact them. Once you received the notification email from AACOMAS, please let Aroona Madden know at

Can I come visit the campus and meet current APAP students?

You are welcome to schedule a visit. Depending on availability and schedules, we can try to arrange meetings with the APAP students as well.  You may also contact the office of student affairs to inquire about scheduled open house events.

I am currently in PA school and will graduate in 2 years. What can I do to make my application strong when I am ready to apply?

Please make sure you meet all the prerequisites as defined above including physics and organic chemistry, and have taken the SAT and/or ACT exams. A strong performance on the PANCE is desired.

Are you ready to apply or have additional questions? Please email Aroona Madden and include a brief introduction about yourself along with the the following:

  • ACT with date and score
  • SAT with date, score: CR M W
  • PANCE with date, score, and percentile
  • PANRE with date, score, and percentile
  • Field of medicine in which you plan to practice