Primary Care 2014 Presentations for participant review

The presentations listed here are for the use by participants of the LECOM Primary Care 2014 Conference.   Contents of these presentations are the property of the individual presenters and may not be used for any purpose other than review by the participants.

From A to Zinc: What the Latest Studies Say About Supplements What Works and What Doesn’t

Getting your knees back in shape: An Osteopathic Sports Medicine Approach to ACL Injuries 

No Shot in the Dark: What We Know About Childhood Immunization.                                                                            

What’s New in Diabetes Treatments 

Keeping Your Patient's Prescription Plan on Track: Avoiding misuse of medications

Recognizing the Impaired Physician                                                                                    

Take a Deep Breath: How Aromatherapy Helps Heal     

Essential Oils Guide

Upper Extremity Pain Management Without Medication: Nothing Humerus About It

Wound Clinic-101: Assessing wounds for determining treatment options    

Advanced Wound Care: Latest treatment options  

A Little Fresh Air: How Applying Oxygen Through Hyperbaric Medicine Heals Wounds   

Primary Care Evaluation of Acute Abdominal Pain   

Breakthroughs in Hepatitis C treatments

Rapid Osteopathic Patient Assesment: Finding the Right Treatment and Billing Correctly

The Supremes: How the high court impacts your medical practice*                                                                                

Shooting from the Hip: Arthroscopic Treatments for Hip Injuries                                                                 

Advances in Stroke Care: Treatment Options to Improve Outcomes        .

20 Legal Questions: Answers You Need to Maintain a Safe Medical Practice*    

It's Not Just Baby Fat: Pediatric Obesity. 

Cholesterol/Hypertension: The Good, the Bad and How New Guidelines Determine Treatment