Primary Care 2013 Lecture Handouts

These presentations are provided solely to supplement the live lectures of the LECOM Primary Care 2013 Continuing Medical Education Conference and for use only by the registered participants in that conference.  Presentations may not include all of the information provided by the speakers and should be used only as a guide for further review of the lectures.  Questions regarding content should be addressed to the authors.  Reprinting or reuse of these presentations for any other purpose without permission of the authors is strictly prohibited.

Friday, March 1,
Keep it Flowing: OMT for Lymphatic Congestion      Steven O'Donnell, DO
*Are We Really Doing No Harm? Prescription Drug Abuse in America     Bob Stutsman
Operation Joining Forces: PTSD      Jeffery Ian Bass, Psy.D., Major 
Ruinous Risks That Can Paralyze Your  Practice   Jeffrey Myers, JD and Richard Ferretti, JD
Ocular Emergencies Seen by Primary Care Physicians     Carlo DiMarco, DO
Upper Extremity Headaches     Greg Coppola, DO and Anthony Ferretti, DO
Lumps and Bumps:Bursitis     Greg Coppola, DO  and Anthony Ferretti, DO
Ophthalmology for the Primary Care Physician   Carlo DiMarco, DO
Saturday, March 2
The Feminine Touch Women in Osteopathic Medicine   Thomas Quinn DO
Operation Joining Forces1:  Pain Management      Mitchell H. Paulin, M.D.
"Get That Damn Elephant Off My Chest."         Eric Milie, DO and Carmine D'Amico, DO
A Crash Course in Evaluating the Geriatric Driver      Danielle Hansen, DO  and Blake Hoppe, DO
Improving Physician-Patient Communication       Richard Ferretti, JD, Jeffrey Myers, JD
Operation Joining Forces: Traumatic Brain Injury         Benjamin Ingram, MD.
Dizziness: A Diagnosis You Love to Hate        Danielle Hansen, DO and Blake Hoppe, DO                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Prevention of Falls: An OMT Workshop   Steven O'Donnell, DO
Sunday, March 3
Harassment          Jeffrey Myers, JD and Richard Ferretti, JD
Syncope         Eric Milie, DO  and Carmine D'Amico, DO
Pre-operative surgery evaluations       Julia Faller, DO
Taking the bite out of Rabies infections           Stephen Bell, DO