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Prescrire in English
April 12, 2009

Prescrire is a highly respected independent source of drug information written in French that has been published for the past 30 years. The English language version, Prescrire International, is available to students at the soon to be opened Drug Information Center at the Bayfront campus. Prescrire has also announced an English language Web site available at It is worth a bookmark in your favorites list.

Below are some of the articles currently listed on the Prescrire in English Web site.

  • Thalidomide (elderly myeloma patients) (New Indication) - Some improvement in first-line treatment
  • Ambroxol lozenges (sore throat) (New Drug) - Better to just suck on hard candy
  • FREE Duloxetine (generalised anxiety) (New Indication) - No thanks!
  • Editors' Opinion - Psychopanacea?
  • Ambrisentan (pulmonary hypertension) (New Drug) - Too risky in mildly symptomatic disease
  • Bosentan (pulmonary hypertension) (New Indication) - Too risky in mildly symptomatic disease
  • Editors' Opinion - Marketing authorisation unjustified - For patients with mildly symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Cilostazol (intermittent claudication) (New Drug) - Too little efficacy, too many risks
  • Sorafenib (hepatocellular carcinoma) (New Indication) - For some patients
  • Alemtuzumab (first-line in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)(New Indication) - Continue to use chlorambucil
  • Rimonabant (marketing withdrawal) - Half-measures
  • Phenylbutazone (reappearance in France) - A NSAID to avoid
  • Human polyvalent immunoglobulin (multifocal motor neuropathy) (New Indication) - Slightly more muscle strength
  • Febuxostat (hyperuricaemia) (New Drug) - Risk of gout attacks

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