Wellness Center continues to take shape
Michael Hyek, PhD, named center's director

Construction continues on LECOM's Medical Fitness and Wellness Center in Erie.
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LECOM’s Medical Fitness and Wellness Center continues to take shape as construction crews continue to work on the inside of the building throughout the summer and into the fall. Completion of the project is expected by the end of 2008.

Recently, LECOM hired Michael Hyek, PhD, as Director of the Medical Fitness and Wellness Center. An experienced medical wellness facility director, Dr. Hyek is uniquely qualified in program management and development, process improvement and operations as a result of experience obtained in medical fitness centers, academic institutions, privately owned business and cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Michael Hyek, PhD, Director of the Wellness Center.

Dr. Hyek previously served as general manager of The Wellness Center in northeast Tennessee and as manager of the McConnell Heart Health Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Construction crews spent June demolishing the medical arts building on the campus of Millcreek Community Hospital, building walls between the pool and the locker rooms on the first floor and digging out the final two pools. In addition, workers began reconstructing the bridge going to the hospital while continuing the installation of exterior frames and glass on the main building, as well as placing framing and drywall.

Throughout July, crews will work on cabinet installation and painting on the third floor, completing the bulk of the work constructing the office spaces on that floor. Workers also will take care of ceiling grid installation and granite floor tile installation in the bathrooms on the third floor. Work will also include placing pool equipment on the first floor.

During the late winter and early spring months, the second and third floors received fire spray proofing and workers completed insulation on the back side of the decorative precast on both floors. Roofing on the main portion of the building was completed, and roofers worked on the gym and pool area as weather permitted.

Framing went up on the exterior wall and electrical rooms, and the third floor was fitted with windows around the entire building. HVAC ductwork was installed on the third floor and HVAC hangers for the ductwork were installed on the second floor.

From the plumbing standpoint, all stormwater lines are connected to drains and tied into the stormwater detention system.

Electrical, plumbing, hot/cold water piping and fire sprinkler work is taking place on the third floor. All underslab plumbing and electrical was installed and the pouring of concrete was completed on the first floor.

To protect the workers from the winter elements, temporary enclosures were installed around the entire building.

In December and January, construction crews began laying the groundwork for the construction of the pool area, basketball courts and racquetball courts. In addition, crews completed work on the decorative precast encasing the building and erected the areas where the basketball courts and pools will be set.

The nationally acclaimed health-care architectural and design firm of Marshall Erdman and Associates developed the plans which integrate the amenities of the fitness center with the clinical needs of patients in a three-story building. The architects have created a healthy lifestyle atmosphere that welcomes visitors and draws them into the fitness center that occupies the first two floors.

The first level offers a day spa, three swimming pools, aerobic and yoga fitness rooms. The center includes basketball and racquetball courts, a snack bar and Internet café, as well as meeting rooms, offices and a child-care area.

A three-lane, nine laps per mile running track circles the second floor surrounding equipment for cardiovascular and strength training and a bicycle spinning room. This level will contain a physical therapy facility.

The third floor will house clinical and administration offices for Medical Associates of Erie. MAE will offer Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Geriatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, and OB-GYN care from this location and relocate physicians from scattered locations in Erie.

December 6, 2007
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