Students elect new SGA representatives

LECOM’s Erie and Bradenton campuses recently elected new officers to their respective schools’ Student Government Associations. These students will take the reins of leadership and work to uphold the mission statement of the school while serving as peer leaders for their classmates.

LECOM College of Medicine SGA President Marisa McNeal ’12 is looking to build off the example set by previous SGA representatives.

“I'm hoping to continue the great job last year’s (SGA) board did,” she said. “I'm also hoping to add a couple different community service events and increase attendance at SGA meetings.”

LECOM School of Pharmacy SGA President Nate Dahl ’11 said the key to his SGA class is to continue to be a voice for the larger student population.

“The goals and ambitions of the Pharmacy SGA in the coming year are to continue to work hard to represent the best interest of our class in all important matters,” he said. “We also look forward to getting students out into the community representing LECOM through various volunteer activities.”

As LECOM Bradenton’s new SGA president, Benjamin Cox ‘12 has lofty goals and high expectations for next year.

“As a relatively young campus, we must distinctly address the needs of being new to the area, such as raising community awareness to our presence and establishing connections with its social and professional organizations,” Cox said.

Amy Ferrol ’11 expressed similar aspirations about her role as SGA President for the LECOM School of Pharmacy Bradenton.

“My goals are to foster the achievements of LECOM's pharmacy professional association chapters and clubs,” she said. “I aim to continue the initiatives of the past SGA, to increase activities between classes as well as the College of Medicine, and to expand on this by creating more opportunities to welcome incoming classes. I would also like to see increased participation in student organizations, conferences and community service, and look forward to working with club and association officers to help them achieve this.”

LECOM College of Medicine SGA officers, Class of 2012:

President: Marisa McNeal
1st Vice President: Jodi Berzak
2nd Vice President: Madhumitha Reddy
Treasurer: Linnea Shen
Secretary: Kaitlin Ames

LECOM School of Pharmacy SGA officers, Class of 2011:

President: Nate Dahl
1st Vice President: Christine Haverkos
2nd Vice President: Benjamin Vroman
Treasurer: Brendon Doran
Secretary: Lyndsey Stover

LECOM College of Medicine Bradenton SGA officers, Class of 2012:

President: Benjamin Cox
1st Vice President: Faizul Hussain
2nd Vice President: Caylyne DeGood
Secretary: Neil Singh
Treasurer: Roberto Betancourt
Webmaster: Steve Lunderman

LECOM School of Pharmacy Bradenton SGA officers:

President: Amy Ferrol
1st Vice President: Kunal Kanani
2nd Vice President: Rebecca Arcebido
Secretary: Jasmine Ho
Treasurer: Anita Ellana
Historian: Matthew Antonopoulos

May 14, 2009
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