Millcreek Health System Announces Eastside Medical Center Expansion

More than 15,000 times each year, patients visit the Eastside Medical Center on Parade Street and three out of four of the patients who see the doctors there are receiving medical assistance. Millcreek Health System physicians have been providing primary care for these eastside Erie residents for more than 30 years.

In order to continue helping a growing population of underserved patients, the health system through its partners Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), Millcreek Community Hospital (MCH) and Medical Associates of Erie (MAE) are announcing plans to expand the clinic at 2625 Parade Street. Demolition has begun on the adjacent property, a now vacant video store, to make way for a new office building for MAE physicians.

Health system chairman Michael Visnosky, Esq. said that the property was purchased in anticipation of future expansion. “We are very aware of the growing number of people in Erie who don’t have access to proper healthcare,” he said. “By increasing the size of this clinic, our physicians will be able to see more patients and provide better medical services to the eastside Erie residents.”

Visnosky said the health system investment on the Eastside would help revitalize an aging neighborhood.
Following demolition of the adjacent property, construction will begin on a 5000 square foot clinic. Contractors will work in two phases, construction of the new building followed by renovation of the existing Eastside Medical Center. When completed, the facility will double in size.
“This added space will allow MAE to add additional
medical services,” said Dennis Styn, MAE President and CEO.
The clinic now offers a broad range of family medicine services as well as specialty clinics in pediatrics, obstetrics, general surgery, orthopedics and podiatry. “New services such as ophthalmology and optical care can now be added,” Styn said.
Expansion will add new exam rooms, increased waiting room space, educational areas where MAE physicians will instruct LECOM students and MCH residents.

“Millcreek Community Hospital has been a leader in post-graduate medical education,” said Mary Eckert, President and CEO of MCH. “We now offer more residency programs than any other hospital in northwestern Pennsylvania.”

With the largest orthopedic residency in the region, MCH will expand its orthopedic clinic at Eastside Medical Center, providing badly needed care for the underserved and the financially challenged patient. Already a site for MCH’s family medicine program, this expansion will allow for an increase in the number of residents and expanded primary care service.

“This new building will allow us to continue to enhance these programs and at the same time fulfill our mission to provide quality healthcare to those most in need,” Eckert said.
Construction and renovations are expected to be completed by early August 2012.

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November 23, 2011
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