LECOM welcomes Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy members

LECOM School of Pharmacy faculty and students met with the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy during the board's visit to the school Oct. 21.

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and the School of Pharmacy played host to a general meeting of the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy on Oct. 21. First- and second-year pharmacy students, along with School of Pharmacy faculty and staff, watches as the board conducted its meeting.

The board members took time to introduce themselves to the assembled audience and talked a little bit about what drove them to become members of the state board. After conducting their formal meeting, several LECOM students and administrators joined the board on a tour of the school.

The group concluded its visit with a luncheon hosted at the school.

Members of the board include Michael A. Podgurski, RPh, Chairperson; Edward J. Bechtel, RPh, Independent Rep; Carol S. Goertzel, Public Member; Juli Miller-Robinson, PhD, Public Member; Paul J. Miller, EdD, Public Member; Pauline R. Montgomery, Independent Rep; Michael J. Romano, RPh, Secretary; Richard R. Smiga, RPh, Vice Chairman and Retail Chain Rep; and David Sumner, Consumer Protection Rep.

October 31, 2008
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