LECOM students, faculty contribute to annual AOA conference

Several LECOM administrators, faculty and students participated in activities and presentations at the AOA’s 112th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminar, which took place Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 in San Diego, Calif.

President Ajluni and Sandra Willsie, DO, Chair of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) Board of Deans, chose student doctor Syed Ali Rizvi, MPH, ‘10 as one of two 2008 AOA/AACOM Osteopathic Health Policy Interns (OHPIs) in the AOA’s Washington, DC, offices. Ali is interested in exploring the feasibility of providing quality universal healthcare for all.

Derek Brown ’10 took second place in the BIOMEA International Research Seminar and Poster Competition for his research poster. The focus of the competition was on “American Osteopathic Medicine Going Beyond US Borders.”

Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., delivered a presentation titled “Global Challenges Facing HIV/AIDS and Osteopathic Care.” He also led a discussion about International COM Work at the Bureau on International Osteopathic Medical Education and Affairs meeting and spoke at the Student Osteopathic Medical Association Fall 2007 Convention in San Diego, with a keynote address titled “Osteopathic Students’ Global Initiatives.”

Richard Chegwidden, Ph.D., and Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., acted as judges during the 51st Annual Research Conference’s Poster Competition.

At the invitation of John Balmer, D.O., and the American Academy of Osteopathy, Jan Hendryx, D.O., gave a four-hour workshop titled "The Use of Acupuncture and OMT."

Dr. John and Dr. DiMarco
LECOM President and CEO John Ferretti, D.O., and AOA President-elect Carlo DiMarco, D.O., attended the annual AOA Conference in San Diego, Calif., from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3.

AOA President-elect Carlo J. DiMarco, DO, a professor and regional dean of clinical medicine at LECOM and a board certified osteopathic ophthalmologist, Bureau of Conventions Chair Robert George, DO, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at LECOM Bradenton, AOA President Peter B. Ajluni, DO, and this year’s Convention Chair and AOA Trustee Michael Murphy, DO, participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the conference’s opening day to formally open the exhibit hall. They welcomed over 3,500 guests to the opening of the exhibit hall, a main feature of the AOA 112th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminar.

President Ajluni and President-elect DiMarco attended the AOA Congress of Interns and Residents to make remarks and to accept a Lifetime Membership Award, given posthumously to the late AOA President John A. Strosnider, DO, for his many contributions to the osteopathic medical profession.

Other LECOM presenters at the AOA conference were:

- Ronald Trale, OMS-III, and Randy Kulesza, Ph.D. Morphological Features of the Nuclei of the Trapezoid Body in Humans.
- Laam Ko, OMS-IV, and Bertalan Dudas, M.D. Putative mechanism of stress-induced NPY release: catecholaminergic-NPY-immunoreactive associations in the human hypothalamus.
- Derek Brown, OMS-II, and Christopher Keller, Ph.D. Prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi in black-legged ticks inhabiting Presque Isle State Park.
- Richard Chegwidden, Ph.D., and Donald Linville, Ph.D. Growth Inhibition of Renal Cell Carcinoma by Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors.
- Bertalan Dudas, M.D., Maher Al-Samkari, D.O., Mark Andrews, Ph.D., Hershey Bell, M.D., Michael Bradbury, Ph.D., Richard Chegwidden, Ph.D., Thomas Corso, Ph.D., Beth Forshee, Ph.D., Christopher Keller, Ph.D., Randy Kulesza, Ph.D., and Donald Linville, Ph.D. LECOM Research Collective (LRC): a Novel Research Cooperative at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.
- Ali Moradi, M.D., MPH & TM, Panteha Mortazavi, Pharm.D., Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., FACCP. Efficacy Comparison of Albendazol and Ivermectin in treatment of Ascariasis in Children.

BIOMEA presentations made by LECOM faculty and students at the AOA conference include:

- John M. Ferretti, DO and Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., FACCP An Experience-Based Collaboration on International Electives and Osteopathic Education: A LECOM Perspective.
- Ashley Gale, OMS-II, Mary Hall, OMS-II, Margaret Hallahan, OMS-II, Sylvia Hanna, OMS-II, Amber Hunt, OMS-II, Eliseo Roquiz, Jr., OMS-II, Joshua Smith, OMS-II, Michael Tramontana, OMS-II, Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., FACCP, and Silvia M. Ferretti, DO. An Osteopathic Outreach Mission to Rural Nigeria.
- Victor Awuor, OMS-IV, Stephanie Larson, OMS-II, Ashley Judy, OMS-II, Kinga Konsy, OMS-II, and Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., FACCP. LECOM Students Global Initiative on Optimizing the Quality of Health Care in Kenya.
- Emily Dy, OMS-I, and Reza Nassiri, D.Sc., FACCP. A Clinical Experience in Kenya.

October 8, 2007
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