LECOM students assume student government positions

Several Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine medical and pharmacy students took on additional responsibilities recently as newly elected members of student government and organizations.

The Student Government Association for the College of Medicine includes first-year students Craig Van Tassel (President), Erin Brennan (1st Vice President), Kathryn Bower (2nd Vice President), Jaclyn Olsen (Treasurer), Callie Crider (Secretary) and Omar Chohan (Webmaster).

The new SGA officials hope to continue the College’s outreach to the Erie area in an effort to promote better wellness and overall quality of life. In addition, the new SGA board hopes to work with the SGA boards at LECOM Bradenton and LECOM at Seton Hill to establish a stronger relationship with continued communication between the locations.

LECOM School of Pharmacy students were recently elected to positions in the Student Society for Health-System Pharmacists. First-year pharmacy students Arpit Mehta (President), Riley Williams (Vice President), Rakesh Patel (Secretary) and Kelsey Laks (Treasurer) will take the lead of the LECOM SSHP chapter for the coming year.

April 6, 2010
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