LECOM, WQLN Public Media announce Healthy Living Network
John M. Ferretti, D.O., President and CEO of LECOM (left), presents a check to Dwight Miller, President of WQLN Public Media, at the announcement of a new partnership between the two entities: The LECOM Healthy Living Network.

WQLN Public Media and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine hosted a joint news conference on Wednesday, April 21, to announce a new partnership that will greatly benefit the dissemination of information promoting a healthy lifestyle: The LECOM Healthy Living Network. (To view the LECOM Healthy Living Network channel on YouTube, click here.)

WQLN Public Television is now scheduling six hours of daily healthy-lifestyle, medical news and medical science programming on WQLN-TV 54.2. Channel 54.2 is WQLN’s second television channel that carries the Create Network. The new channel lineup is called the LECOM Healthy Living Network. The programs featured on the LECOM Healthy Living Network are from the best producers in public television.

“For some time, LECOM has been interested in finding better methods of reaching the Erie region with health care information that will make a difference in people’s lives,” said John M. Ferretti, D.O., President and CEO of LECOM. “The Create Network, with the Healthy Living shows, is a great source of programming that the audience will find interesting as well as entertaining.”

Dr. Ferretti realized that public broadcasting faced a major economic hurdle when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reduced funding for the station. By sponsoring the Healthy Living Network, LECOM is proud to support WQLN during these tough times.
WQLN Television is proud to partner with and host the LECOM Healthy Living Network. “There are many important programs being produced today that could both entertain and benefit the communities that we serve,” said Dwight Miller, President of WQLN Public Media. “These are programs that we never had available space for in our schedule. But now with the advent of digital television and multiple program streams, we have the room. The Create Network, which airs on WQLN TV 54.2, has become a very popular channel for both antenna and cable viewers. The addition of the LECOM Healthy Living Network will only enhance the offerings on Create.”

The Create Network can be seen free and over the air by tuning to WQLN TV 54.2; or on Time Warner Cable channel 21 in Erie, Time Warner Cable channel 18 in Erie County, and Coaxal Cable channel 4 in Edinboro.

This summer, WQLN Public Media will produce a monthly program for the LECOM Healthy Living Network called “Meet The Doctors.” The program will feature a monthly theme, healthy lifestyle information, and medical news.

“Our physicians, students and faculty members are excited about participating in this opportunity to showcase health care to a wider audience,” Dr. Ferretti said. “The doctors are experienced not only in medical practice but in medical education, having trained students and residents. They bring a great store of knowledge that allows them to partner with their patients for the highest quality of health care.”

These physicians will also appear in a series of House Call Minutes, short video stories that will educate the audience about a variety of health topics.

Now on the air, the LECOM Healthy Living Network will feature these nationally produced programs:

• Healing Quest
• The Fitness Show
• Healthy Body Healthy Mind
• Wai Lana Yoga
• Christina Cooks
• Delicious TV's Totally Vegetarian
• Scientific American Frontiers
• Alzheimer's: The Cost Of Growing Old
• Facing Alzheimer's: An African-American Perspective
• Second Opinion
• Cancer Story
• Motherhood Manifesto
• Get Curious, Not Furious! Communicating Your True Color
• My Generation

April 21, 2010
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