LECOM School of Pharmacy listed as one of the region's business highs of the past decade.

The Erie Times News cited the opening of the LECOM School of Pharmacy as one of the high points of the past decade for the region's economy. The Sunday Erie, Inc. Section article, 'Business world sees a decade of highs and lows in Erie region', noted in 2002: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine confirms plans for a new pharmacy school. 

The article reported "It isn't easy to sum up the business of doing business in northwestern Pennsylvania over the past decade. The years brought both hopeful examples of building for the future and deep disappointment as remnants of the past slipped away. It was a decade that brought us surging stock prices that rose to their zenith in October 2007. But it was also a decade that saw local manufacturers shed thousands of jobs." 

Just prior to the opening of the LECOM School of Pharmacy, one of the economic low points for the region was the loss of 750 jobs as the  International Paper Company closed the century old local plant.  A few of the displaced workers sought new careers by enrolling in the School of Pharmacy.   Having a top quality and affordable pharmacy school in Erie made the transition from heavy industry to health care possible for these workers.

Among the other highs for the area, the article cited the opening of the Erie Bayfront Convention Center, Presque Isle Downs & Casino, the Waldameer Park Ravine Flyer, and the production of the GE Transportation plant's Evolution Locomotive built in Erie. Also, in its year-end recap of local events, the Erie Times-News recognized LECOM upon the completion of the John M. and Silvia Ferretti Medical Fitness and Wellness Center.

December 28, 2009
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