LECOM Hosts Annual Research Day

LECOM students check out some of the poster presentations at LECOM Research Day.

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine held its annual research day on Thursday, October 21, 2010. The event is a way for LECOM to highlight and emphasize the fact that important research is being conducted at the college on an ongoing basis. Bertalan Dudas, MD, PhD, LECOM’s Director of Research, said it is important for students and residents to do research and write about their findings. “If they are applying for competitive residencies, they need to do research,” Dr. Dudas said. “It helps them tremendously. It’s just as important as having good board scores.”

The event was a culmination of months of medical research conducted by students and medical residents. Fifty researchers presented their findings through oral presentations or poster displays. LECOM faculty members judged the entries and awarded prizes to the top three entries in each category. The competition was open to LECOM students, students from LECOM-affiliated colleges and universities, and medical residents and interns.

Maureen Darwal (OMS2) stands beside her research project which involved using a digital protractor to help stabilize the spine.

Dr. Dudas said when a student or resident participates in LECOM’s Research Day, it counts toward being published. Researchers covered a wide range of medical and environmental topics ranging from knee injuries in diabetics to treating low back pain and the prevalence of Lyme disease in ticks at Presque Isle State Park. There were 39 poster displays and 11 oral presentations.

Maureen Darwal, a second year medical student at LECOM, looked at alternate ways to stabilize the spine. She attached a digital protractor to the handle of a surgical screwdriver. Darwal concluded using the tool can save hospitals money and expose patients to less radiation during x-rays and CT scans. She said doing the project was a great learning experience for her. “Even though I previously did this research I wouldn’t have ever put it together in a presentation form and come to a conclusion on how it was going to affect patients,” she said.

Adam Cien (OMS3) shows his research poster to LECOM Assistant Neuroscience & Pharmacology Professor Emmanuel Ngu, PhD during LECOM's Research Day.

Third-year LECOM medical student Adam Cien studied low back pain and disk degeneration. He experimented with molecules that can regenerate intervertebral disk cells under the right conditions. Cien said his goal was to find ways to reverse disk degeneration and low back pain. This is the second year he participated in LECOM Research Day. “With research you’re able to expand your horizons into what you’ve learned in the classroom,” Cien said, “It’s a real-life approach to the science.”

The following is a list of winners in the 2010 LECOM Research Day:

Alexander Augustyniak 1st Place, Poster Session, $500 Prize
Gannon University, Morosky College
Of Health Professions and Sciences

Greg Delost 2nd Place, Poster Session, $250 Prize
Gannon University, Morosky College
Of Health Professions and Sciences

Lazarus Mayoglou, D.O. 3rd Place, Poster Session, $100 Prize
LECOM alumnus

Richard Lukose, D.O. 1st Place, Lecture Session, $500 Prize
LECOM alumnus

Michael J. Tranovich 2nd Place, Lecture Session, $250 Prize
LECOM Student

Cassandra Wasson 3rd Place, Lecture Session, $100 Prize
Gannon University, Morosky College
Of Health Professions and Sciences

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October 25, 2010
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