LECOM Bradenton students participate in mini medical school
Middle schoolers visit variety of health stations

Seventh-graders Camille Gonzalez and Sabrina Bavaro listened intently to the heart beat of "Ted E. Bear."

LECOM Bradenton second-year osteopathic medical student Brian Peppers tests the reflexes of Nolan Middle School student Chloe Bergeron during a mini-medical school.

"Did you hear the heart beating?" said second-year LECOM Bradenton medical student Nicholas Kotch, who set up a heart and lung simulator at a mini medical school at Nolan Middle School in Bradenton. "Just by listening through this stethoscope, we can determine if there are any problems."

Kotch and his fellow students presented mini-medical schools to seventh and eighth-graders at Nolan and Braden River middle schools.

The mini medical school program teaches students about the importance of preventive medicine.

The students were impressed as they made their way around seven health stations.

Case Newsom and Ryan Bierkortte spoke about preventing brain injuries. The first-year medical students noted the traumatic brain injury death of actress Natasha Richardson, who died in a recent skiing accident.

"Any time you have any trauma to the head, no matter how slight, you need to see a doctor," Newsom said. "Make sure you are wearing a helmet when participating in activities like biking, skateboarding or skiing."

Sabrina Bavaro and Camille Gonzalez listen to "Ted E. Bear's" heart.

Second-year medical students Melissa Rossman and Alessandra Dominguez spoke to students about international medicine.

Other health stations included: healthy eating habits, sports & fitness, medical careers in the military and stress management.

March 26, 2009
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