LECOM Bradenton students participate in YMCA's Healthy Kids Day
Poison prevention booth an eye-opener for community

LECOM Bradenton medical students left quite an impression on parents and children at the Lakewood Ranch YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day.

LECOM first-year medical student Daniel Kim works with Alex Vehling and Frankie Vallor during the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day in Bradenton, Fla.

At the LECOM poison prevention booth, medical students Min Qi and Daniel Kim demonstrated how certain foods and drinks have striking similarities to household cleaners, chemicals and adult medications.

“Which one do you think is safe to drink?” said Qi, holding two cups: one with a blue sports drink and the other with blue window cleaner. “If you are not sure if something is safe to eat or drink, always ask your parents first.”

“That is so scary,” said one parent after watching the demonstration.

Children were encouraged to use their sense of smell.

“Although they may look the same, this cup of Pine-Sol has a much different smell to it than this cup of apple juice,” Kim said.

Across the gym, LECOM Bradenton medical students Robby Edo and Katherine Guthrie were doing push-ups and sit-ups with the children. The two encouraged the children to stay active and keep away from sugary foods.

On Healthy Kids Day, YMCAs from across the country opened their doors to nearly 800,000 children, parents and community members for an event that celebrates healthy living, encourages families to embrace a more active lifestyle and introduces tools and strategies for making changes as a family.

April 20, 2009
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