Construction closes LECOM Erie north entrance

From July 14, 2011 through January 2012, public entry to LECOM Erie will be through a temporary construction entrance on the east side of the main campus.  Construction for a two-story addition to the main campus has closed the main entrance on the north side of the building.

Construction closes LECOM Erie's north entrance.

The new building extension will create a secure entrance for students, employees and visitors. Construction includes additional meeting rooms, offices and maintenance facilities.

Everyone must use the east entrance (formerly the handicap entrance) on the main driveway side of the building. Students and employees will use their security key card for entering these doors. LECOM police and security guards will be stationed near this entry to monitor access to the building.

Visitors must use the former handicap entrance on the east side of LECOM Erie.

Parking in the north lot is not effected by construction, however, motorists and pedestrians should be aware of construction vehicles and workers in the area.  A new sidewalk is now available to travel on foot from West Grandview Blvd. or the parking lot to enter or exit the building.

The extension will provide an additional 10,000 square feet to the existing building. Construction will create a new entrance at the level of existing handicapped parking providing easier entry especially in inclement weather. The LECOM Campus Police office will be located at the entrance providing safety for anyone entering the building. 

The second floor of the addition will connect to the existing first floor reception area and only students, employees and visitors with identification badges will have access to the rest of the building.

This level will include student affairs offices and a 50-seat conference room where admissions staff will hold interviews for prospective students. The College receives more than 10,000 medical and pharmacy student applications for the Erie campus each year and interviews more than 1000 to fill the entering classes.

The new addition will include museum display space for a growing collection of medical related historical and educational material.




July 13, 2011
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