Welcome to the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Offers the Best Choices to Earn Your Medical, Pharmacy or Dental Degree
You are ready to choose the best college for your medical education. The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine is ready to offer you more choices. Choose from one of our five learning pathways to the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree or select either the year-round, three-year pharmacy pathway or the traditional four-year pathway for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Students interested in dentistry should consider the School of Dental Medicine.

LECOM Offers a Choice of Campuses in Pennsylvania and Florida
LECOM is a private college with its main campus in Erie, PA, with an additional location, LECOM at Seton Hill, in Greensburg, PA; and LECOM Bradenton, a branch campus in Bradenton, Florida. The nation has a growing demand for new doctors, dentists and pharmacists, and LECOM’s mission is to prepare health care professionals trained in the osteopathic tradition of competent and compassionate, whole-person primary care.

Student DoctorsLECOM Offers a Choice of Programs Matched to Student Learning Styles
To prepare students for the challenges of modern medicine, LECOM recognizes that students learn in different ways. The LECOM Erie Campus is the only medical school in the country with five student-centered learning pathways for the first two years of education in osteopathic medicine.

  • LECOM offers ground-breaking new curriculum to attract more students to family medicine and primary care specialties. LECOM’s Primary Care Scholars Pathway will condense four years of medical college into a highly structured, three-year curriculum, focusing on skills needed to become a family doctor or primary care physician.
  • The Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway (APAP) is a three-year program for certified PAs who want to increase his or her medical knowledge and practice independently as fully licensed physicians.
  • The Lecture-Discussion Pathway (LDP) presents the basic science core curriculum and medical systems curriculum through lecture presentations and small-group tutorials.
  • The Problem-Based Learning Pathway (PBL) is a nationally recognized innovative approach to medical education, offering students the opportunity to study the biomedical and clinical sciences by utilizing medical case studies in a small-group environment. The PBL pathway case studies are designed to develop and enhance a student's critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • The Directed Study Pathway (DSP), originally the Independent Study Pathway, offers students the opportunity to study the basic science core curriculum and medical systems curriculum at his or her pace, using lists of highly structured learning objectives compiled into self-directed learning “module” booklets used in combination with textbooks, resource guides and small group study.

LECOM Bradenton and LECOM at Seton Hill offer Problem-Based Learning exclusively.

LECOM School of Dental Medicine Offers Innovative, Community-based Pathway
While modern dentistry has brought about marked improvement in the oral health of many Americans, the “silent epidemic” of oral disease affects the elderly, members of various ethnic and racial groups and America’s indigent children. LECOM dental students will have early clinical experience in community dental offices and clinics. The Doctor of Dental Medicine is part of the primary healthcare professions on the front line of disease prevention and wellness.

LECOM School of Pharmacy Offers Choice of Student-Centered Learning
Pharmacy With the expansion of the LECOM School of Pharmacy in Bradenton, FL, students have the choice of either a year-round, three-year pathway or a traditional four-year pathway. The Erie School of Pharmacy continues to meet the demand for new pharmacists by accelerating the course work to allow graduation with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in just three years. Affiliations with undergraduate colleges allow students to complete pre-pharmacy requirements in two years and graduate in a total of five years.  LECOM Bradenton offers a four-year curriculum in both the traditional classroom and laboratory experience as well as via online distance education.

LECOM Post Baccalaureate Helps You Prepare for Medical or Pharmacy School
The LECOM Erie Campus offers a Post Baccalaureate Program with two semesters of biomedical science courses designed to improve a student's academic credentials prior to entering medical or pharmacy school.

Master of Science in Biomedical Education
This two-year, MS degree provides graduates with the knowledge and credentials to gain placement at a variety of academic institutions, hospitals and medical education facilities.

Masters in Healthcare Services Administration
Avaliable through distance education, the Masters in Healthcare Services Administration (MHSA) prepares administrators prepared to meet the challenges of managing hospitals, pharmacies, public health organizations, and private practices.

Post-Graduate Education Choices
LECOM created the Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training (LECOMT) to develop new osteopathic post-graduate training programs. LECOMT began with one hospital and a handful of residency programs, progressing the college's post-graduate program to include 34 teaching hospitals in seven states, with more than 740 internship, residency and fellowship positions available.

Physicians who teach at these affiliates and elsewhere may extend his or her medical education knowledge by enrolling in the LECOM Master of Science in Medical Education program. The MS in Medical Education provides courses in effective teaching, administration and leadership to those who desire advanced training in medical education. Tuition is free for residents at Millcreek Community Hospital, and LECOM provides tuition discounts for faculty at LECOMT member hospitals.

Choices Outside the Classroom
LECOM encourages student involvement and leadership in community service activities. Programs such as Bridging the Gaps take students out of the classroom to underserved clinics and community agencies. LECOM has opened a medically integrated health and wellness center near the campus. Open to students and the public, the John M. and Silvia Ferretti Medical Fitness and Wellness Center, located at 5401 Peach Street, Erie, PA, is also a teaching facility where students learn about medical fitness and the relationship between healthy lifestyles and patient care.